She-Hulk Shines an Even More Comedic Light on MCU Characters

Many of the stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe deal with serious issues, such as the threat that villains like Thanos and Kang the Conqueror may destroy all we value. The MCU’s humorous, hopeful, and enjoyable moments, which fight off the darkness, are another aspect that contributes to its uniqueness. Marvel hopes to delve deeply into that reservoir of joy with She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and cast an even lighter on the MCU and its characters from a comedy perspective.

The cast of She-Hulk, including Tatiana Maslany, Mark Ruffalo, and Ginger Gonzaga, as well as director Kat Coiro and head writer Jessica Gao, discussed why the MCU needs more laughs in this 30-minute courtroom comedy when they were interviewed by IGN.

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From the Thanos Galaxy Threat to a Half-Hour Legal Comedy

The Savage She-Hulk introduced She-Hulk to the comic book world in 1980, and, in Gao’s words, “she’s always been incredibly fun.” This made She-Hulk the ideal choice for a comedy series set in the MCU, and the decision to make it a funnier and lighter story was made from the very beginning.

Gao claimed that She-Hulk was always supposed to be a comedy. She’s always been a lot of fun, and that’s not just because my background is in writing for TV comedies if you know her from the comics. She shattered the fourth wall during the most famous run, the John Byrne run, because it was so irreverent, lighthearted, self-aware, and meta. Therefore, in my opinion, that is the core of She-Hulk, and she naturally lends herself to humor.

She-Hulk Shines an Even More Comedic Light on MCU Characters
She-Hulk Shines an Even More Comedic Light on MCU Characters

Casting the ideal performer to play Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk was one of the most crucial aspects of making that plan a reality. After numerous auditions, Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black was selected. She spoke about how she was initially anxious to audition for the role but that the humor and originality of the script made everything feel exactly right.

Maslany praised the book, saying, “I was laughing on every page, and it had this very particular kind of humor that felt like it could only come from a brain like Jessica Gao’s, and it was so much about the character.” “It didn’t kind of fall into these clichés of a big superhero story; it was truly about a person who was going through her troubles when this other thing happened to her and she sort of tries to disregard it completely,” the author said.

She has put a lot of effort into becoming a lawyer. She is surrounded by a strong circle of devoted friends who she values, but she also exhibits rigidity and stubbornness. When something happens to her and she is unable to incorporate it into her life because her head is so set on how she wants things to be, she just sorts of denies it.

The fact that Mark Ruffalo would play such a significant role in the series and has been portraying Dr. Bruce Banner/The Hulk since 2012’s The Avengers didn’t hurt either. The two Hulks’ “amazing initial chemistry” and the screenplay, in Cairo’s opinion, helped the show find its feet.

“Letting actors play, improvise, and be free is the real secret of comedy,” said one critic. Tatiana and Mark had such remarkable chemistry right away. Some instances weren’t on the paper, and a lot of what you see in that first episode is influenced by their interaction. It takes excellent material, so it’s a natural progression from screenplay to shooting, as you can see.

Ruffalo was “so much pleasure to play with,” Maslany remarked. “He truly treats this job like a huge kid in a way that has perhaps not been seen every time he portrays the Hulk. We were able to act like two huge infants running around in little grey suits screaming at each other because of the tone of this show. Yes, and he is present. He values connections a much. He’s like my ideal actor to work with because he places a lot of emphasis on connecting and being present.

Other MCU characters that might appear in She-Hulk had to get used to this supposedly “fresh” sensation, and Coiro spoke about how the crew urged them to accept this new approach to MCU storytelling.

Because it is the first time Marvel has produced a half-hour legal comedy, all of the performers who joined from the existing MCU universe “had a little bit of an adjustment period where they learned that they were the same characters in a new genre,” Corio said. “And the most frequent query I received was, ‘Am I going too far?'” And I always said, “No, you can go further.” You can play. In many ways, this is a straightforward comedy.

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What Takes Place on a Superhero’s Day Off

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, as previously indicated, intends to emphasize a superhero’s normal day-to-day activities. This new show is extremely different from the typical MCU fare and is being marketed as a breath of fresh air in certain ways.

“I think it is nice for individuals who are used to doing one thing to then be able to kind of take a break from the extremely dramatic and sometimes dark, to then really just take a rest,” said the speaker. People adopt the tone of our program because they are aware that on our program, the world won’t end and the fate of the universe is not in jeopardy. The opportunity to give this character room to breathe and sort of depict what happens on their day off when they’re not rescuing the world presents itself.

“For me, my favorite kind of humor involves taking these enormous, complex ideas. This high concept, extraordinary things, like superheroes, saving the universe, and being an Avenger, can be reduced to a grounded, real-world scenario where, instead of focusing on the spectacle of these big action things that happen in movies, we’re focusing on a slice of life, just ordinary stuff. I find the pairing of those two items to be hilarious.

I love to explore those kinds of places. Ginger Gonzaga discussed the importance of highlighting everyday heroes since it tends to make them more relatable. Ginger Gonzaga is slated to play Jennifer Walters’ friend Nikki Ramos. Even though many of us would desire to, the majority of us aren’t able to fly or change into enormous green superheroes.

Gonzaga stated that being a person is extremely awkward and bizarre and that we are hilariously human. “I, therefore, enjoy a comedy. I cherish The Office. I enjoy Arrested Development. I particularly enjoy comedy when it focuses on a character’s humanity and character.

We’re able to do that because Jen doesn’t want to be a superhero, which allows us to still have all these hilariously real human moments even though Jen is superhuman.

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