Apple Says Hackers May Have Exploited Security Flaws on Iphone Ipad And Macs

Today’s Top Line Apple has warned of serious security flaws for iPhones, iPads, and Macs that could allow hackers to take complete control of devices and may have been “actively exploited,” urging customers to update their devices as soon as possible in a rare admission from the tech giant that takes pride in its security measures.

Key facts 

  • On Wednesday, Apple released two unexpected software updates to patch critical security flaws that could let hackers gain total control of consumers’ devices.
  • Affected devices include the iPhone 6s and subsequent versions, all iPad Pro models, the iPad Air 2 and later, the iPad 5th generation and later, the iPad mini 4 and later, the iPod touch 7th generation, and Macs running macOS Monterey. Updates have been made available for these devices.

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Full Report

Industry insiders speculate that the hole might give hackers total control of the vulnerable devices. iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and after, iPad 5th generation and later, iPhone 6s and later, and iPad have all received the update. The iPod touch, iPad mini 4, and subsequent models are also compatible with it (7th generation). Users of Macs running Monterey are also urged to update.

WebKit, the engine that drives Apple’s web browser Safari, was breached, according to Apple. If the user browsed “maliciously-crafted web content,” the technology business claimed, hackers might use the exploit.

There haven’t been any confirmed reports of particular instances where the security issue has been utilized against individuals or objects up to this point.

Although software upgrades are a regular (and occasionally irksome) part of our lives as modern tech users, this update should not be disregarded.

The tremendous power that hackers could exercise if they target a gadget that is susceptible to this attack has the cyber-security community understandably concerned. It makes sense to examine your Apple gear’s settings and apply the fix.

Better yet, enable automatic updates. There is no indication that hackers have used the security flaw to launch widespread assaults against the general public, therefore the great majority of users don’t need to be alarmed.

It must be noted that the social media uproar around the security upgrade may be exaggerated. Without much fanfare or alarm, Apple has continuously provided similar emergency security patches throughout the year, most recently in March.

Apple doesn’t share, discuss, or confirm security issues until an investigation has taken place and patches or releases are available, according to the company’s security update page.

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