Travis Barker’s Net Worth, Career, Early Life, and Other Details

Travis Barker is an American musician who worked as a drummer in the rock band Blink-182. Rolling Stone stated him as “ punk’s first superstar drummer”. Travis also starred in many series. To know more about Travis read this full article. Here we are going to describe his net worth, career, personal life, and other updates.

Travis Barker: Early Life

Travis was born on 14 November 1975. His full name is Travis Landon Barke. Fontana, in California, is his birthplace. He attended Fontana High School. His mother left him at his childhood age. His mother pursues him toward drums and music. Also advised him to become a musician when she was taking her last breath. 

Barker states that “I always migrated back to drums, though. That was the one direction that kind of felt like I was connected to and I could kind of understand. I could express myself better through my drums than I could anything else.”

Travis Barker: Career

Travis meet Chad Larson when he join Snot and Feeble band based in Fontana. After two years the band went to a music producer Jim Goodwin for the song “The Fury of the Aquabats!”. This song was released in 1997. Then he joins Blink-182 from San Diego to replace Scott Raynor. As a drummer, Travis learns 40 songs list in just 45 minutes for a live show.

 “I remember Travis rehearsing backstage for an hour or two, then playing with them during sound-check,” commented Adam Deibert. “A few of us were standing by the stage and I vividly remember the feeling of this is the new Blink. We should have looked for a new drummer right then because it was so obvious what band he belonged in.”

In 1999 Travis released his first album with Blink-182 titled Enema of the State and his single “All the Small Things” was also a big hit and reached 6 positions on Billboard Hot 100 chart. In the same year, he launched his cloth range Famous Stars & Straps. Barker is also a tattoo lover which is shown in his clothes design.   “Four years ago, I couldn’t afford to feed myself,” Travis stated, and “But now I can buy art, work on old Cadillacs, and live in comfort. I can finally buy a dog and afford to feed him.”

Now he started to teach playing drums and Guitar center. Blink-182 released his next song in 2001 “Take off Your Pants and Jacket” which is also a big hit and its 14 million copies sold. Now he also appeared in the Bad Boy of Life video. Travis also takes a franchisee of Wahoo’s Fish Taco. In 2005, Blink-182 aired their next album Haunted Cities and with this Travis start a new project with Paul Wall and Skinhead Rob, titled Expensive taste. Travis opened two boutiques and released his hip-hop remix songs. Travis performed with DJ AM

At MTV Video Music Awards and Travis stated that “Our little duo of drummer and DJ [had] reached heights we never thought were possible.”

Plane Crash Incident

Travis Barker's Net Worth, Career, Early Life, and Other Details
At MTV Video Music Awards and Travis stated that “Our little duo of drummer and DJ [had] reached heights we never thought were possible.”
Travis always stay away from plans and he had a misconception that he will die during a plane crash. When Blink-182 offered a plane to every member he replied that “Please don’t give me the plane—I have a really fucked-up fear of flying.”

And this thought comes true when he was going with DJ AM to California. It happened while the plane was landing. It’s one tire sparking and the plane crashed into an embankment. “When everything stopped, I tried to get everyone I could,” Barker remembered. After this incident, DJ AM died a year later.  “There were times when they were talking about amputating my foot because I didn’t have enough skin on my body for my grafts,” he said. 

Travis said in an interview with MTV, “I’m already playing my drums again, and I’m already back in the studio”. And “was like riding a bike. It was really exciting to know I still have my chops. It still felt good… I still can make it around the kit. Everything felt right, so I’m thankful to be able to play.”

Solo Performance 

In 2011, Travis made his debut as a solo performer with Give the Drummer Some. He also worked with Chester French, LL Cool J, Cypress Hill, and rapper Yelawolf.

“We always covered up for [DeLonge] before. It was always, ‘We’re going to record an album,’ then ‘Tom refuses to get into the studio without a record deal.’ So everyone does hella amounts of work to get a record deal and now Tom isn’t part of Blink-182. It’s hard to cover for someone who’s disrespectful and ungrateful… Everyone should know what the story is with him and it’s been years with it.”

In 2016, he was cast in a documentary film “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” and at the COVID-19 time, he performed in a live show to collect funds to help WHO. Travis regularly entertained fans as he appeared in the 2021 album Baptize.

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Travis Barker: Personal Life

In 2001 Travis married Elissa Kennedy and divorced after nine months. Then in 2004, he married actress Shanna Moakler and they have two children. In 2008 they filed again for divorced. But they were both spotted many times and arrest once together in Los Angeles. In 2015, he meets Rita Ora but in 2022 Travis did an unofficial wedding with Kourtney Kardashian at Grammy Awards.

Travis Barker: Biography


Name Travis Barker
Real Name Travis London Barker
Father Name Randy Barker
Mother Name Gloria Barker
Date of Birth 14 November 1975
Marital Status Married
Wife Kourtney Kardashian 
Kids Two
Profession Singer, Drummer, Designer, and actor
Net Worth $ 50 million
Height 5 Feet 9 inches
Weight 70 kg

Travis Barker: Net Worth

Travis is known as a drummer in the blink-182 band. Aside from this he also appeared in an MTV reality show and launched his own clothing line. Barker is also a cloth designer and a singer. His net worth is estimated at $ 50 million. Travis also purchased three or four houses in different cities. 

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