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From Tim Burton’s Wednesday, Meet The New Addams Family

Tim Burton

Tim Burton

The Addams Family has evolved over the years, from the 1960s TV series to the high-budget films of the 1990s to a Broadway musical in 2010 and, most recently, two eccentric CG-animated movies, each of which has changed to reflect—or, somewhat, stray from—the cultural conventions of the period.

The home of macabre bons vivants in the brand-new Netflix series Wednesday, which centers on the family’s sinister only daughter, resembles the Charles Addams cartoon family that first appeared in The New Yorker. This time, she’ll be in high school and older. She’ll still be moody, but she’ll be more independent.

Co-showrunner Al Gough told Vanity Fair that Wednesday’s relationship with Morticia is essential to the season. “How do you step out of the shadow of a mother as beautiful as Morticia?” Gough then talked about how Wednesday will both love and hate her family. “Wednesday isn’t afraid of sharks or spiders or anything else,” he said. “But she is afraid of feeling.” “Wednesday can’t stand how much they show they like each other.”

Among these people is her brother. “She can torture him,” says Miles Millar, who helps run the show. “Nobody else is. That’s what sets them apart. She will protect him from bullies or anything else until the end, but she can do whatever she wants. She looks out for him in a very Wednesday way.”

Millar continued: “Every family is strange, but this one is very strange, but they still love each other. And that’s what it’s all about in the end: they always have each other’s backs. It’s love that doesn’t change.” Even though most of the cast has been set in stone, there are still a few unknowns.

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Deadline says that Thora Birch, who played Tamara Novak on “The Walking Dead,” left the show at the end of 2021. Also, Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in the movie series, will be in the cast. It’s unclear if she’ll replace Birch as Tamara or take on a new role.

By reading on, find out all you need to know about the cast of Wednesday.

Who’s in Netflix’s “Wednesday” Addams Family?

Jenna Ortega plays the Role of  Wednesday

Wednesday has a reputation for frightening appearance and demeanor, just like the rest of the family members. In the upcoming series that will be available on Netflix, she will be older and will be attending high school.

The portrayal of the tech-savvy teen Ellie Alves in the second season of the psychological thriller You, which was broadcast on Netflix, has brought the actress the lion’s share of her fame. She has also had roles in the most current installment of the Scream franchise, X, as well as Jane the Virgin, Richie Rich, Stuck in the Middle, and The Babysitter: Killer Queen.

Luis Guzmán plays the role of Gomez Addams

The head of the Addams family and the patriarch is Gomez Addams. Luis Guzmán’s roles in the films Code Black and Traffic brought him the most fame. His most recent role was in the thriller Havoc, which was broadcast on Netflix.

Catherine Zeta-Jones As Morticia Addams

Morticia Addams is considered the family’s matriarch. Catherine Zeta-Jones, a legendary figure in the world of Hollywood film, has appeared in films such as The Mask of Zorro (1998), Chicago (2002), and Ocean’s Twelve (2003). (2004).

Gwendoline Christie Will Be On Screen as Larissa Weems

Larissa Weems, the headteacher there, leads Nevermore Academy. Gwendoline Christie first gained widespread recognition for her role as the honorable warrior Brienne of Tarth in the cast of the fantasy drama Game of Thrones. Later in her career, she was cast as Captain Phasma, an operative for the First Order, in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Other movies and television shows she has appeared in include Top of the Lake: China Girl, The Personal History of David Copperfield, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. More recently, she appeared as Lucifer in the live-action adaption of The Sandman which Netflix produced.

Isaac Ordonez Can be seen as Pugsley Addams:-

Wednesday Addams’s brother, Pugsley, is known as “Pugsley.” Ordonez is most well-known for his part as Charles Wallace Double in the film A Wrinkle in Time, which was released in 2018.

Victor Dorobantu plays Thing

 It turns out that Thing is a disembodied hand who does various tasks for the family. Dorobantu will make his first appearance on television on Wednesday.

George Burcea As Lurch

The family relies on Lurch, their trusted servant. Comrade Detective and Dawn of Night are two movies in which Burcea has appeared.

Other Casts of Wednesday?

Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in the movie series, will be in the cast, but her role hasn’t been revealed yet, so fans will have to wait to find out who she’s playing.

Moosa Mostafa, who plays Eugene Ottinger. Emma Myers, who plays Enid Sinclair. Naomi J. Ogawa, who plays Yoko Tanaka. Tommie Earl Jenkins, who plays Mayor Walker. Iman Marson, who plays Lucas Walker, and William Houston, who plays Joseph Crackstone. And Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo, who plays Deputy Santiago. Oliver Watson, who plays Kent. Calum Ross, who plays Rowan, and Johnna (Divina).

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