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After losing In Wyoming, Cheney Says She’s Considering A Run For President

Ms Cheney, who was trounced in her Wyoming primary on Tuesday, acknowledged on NBC’s “Today Show” that she was considering a White House bid. She also announced a new political action committee. Rep. Liz Cheney announced early on Wednesday that she was “considering” running for president in 2024.

A move that would test the viability of a conservative, anti-Trump agenda nationwide after it was soundly defeated in Wyoming. The Great Task is a political action committee that will educate Americans about threats to democracy and oppose any attempt by Mr Trump to run for office again. Ms Cheney.

They lost her House primary on Tuesday by more than 35 percentage points to a rival, Harriet Hageman, who was endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump, who also announced the formation of the organisation.   On Wednesday, the committee submitted an organisational statement to the Federal Election Commission.

after losing in Wyoming, Cheney says she’s considering a run for president

It takes its name from President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, where he declared that “the great task remaining before us” was to ensure “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

It is a common allusion made by Ms Cheney, who again used it in her Tuesday night concession statement. In her Wednesday interview with Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s “Today Show,” Ms Cheney initially evaded the query of whether she was considering a 2024 run for office. However, when prodded, she responded, “I’m thinking about it, and I’ll choose in the following months.”

“I think that defeating him is going to require a broad, united front of Republicans, Democrats and independents,” she said of Mr Trump. Later — referring in particular to “the lies that he has put out in the last few days” about the F.B.I. search of Mar-a-Lago, and to his demonization of federal law enforcement officials even as they face threats from his supporters.

She added that she believed “millions of Republicans and Americans across this country” would reject his actions. Nevertheless, while the majority of Democrats and independents do oppose Mr Trump, those Republicans who do so only make up a small portion of the electorate that will select the party’s nominee in 2024.

Furthermore, it is not quite apparent whether Democrats nationwide would support Ms Cheney if the alternative were a Democrat, even though several Democrats in Wyoming switched their party affiliation to support her in her primary when the far-right Republican was the only other option.

Ms Cheney’s record, especially in regards to foreign policy, is abhorrent to many Democrats. She stated in the interview on Wednesday that she would continue to advocate for the principles that the Republican Party “used to stand for,” such as “limited government, low taxes, and a strong national defence,” as well as “that the family has got to be the centre of our community and our lives.”

Ms Cheney, who has assisted in leading the House investigation into Mr Trump’s and his allies’ involvement in the Capitol riot and who has pledged to continue that work in the months before her term ends in January, also criticised Republicans who have sided with Mr Trump in contesting the legitimacy of President Biden’s victory.

She urged people not to adopt Mr Trump’s “cult of personality” and said that the nation needed leaders who upheld their oaths “regardless of whether doing so is politically expedient.” The House Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, “does not fit that bill,” she remarked.

If Republicans take back control of the House in November, Mr McCarthy will likely be elected speaker. However, when Ms Guthrie questioned whether the nation would be better off if Democrats continued to hold the reins of power, Ms Cheney refrained from formally endorsing it.

She asserted, “I think we need to make sure that we are battling against every single election sceptic. “Republicans are currently the election sceptics. The party you belong to shouldn’t matter, in my opinion. Nobody should be endorsing, backing, or voting for those individuals.

She responded to Wyoming voters who complained that she spent too much time discussing Mr Trump and too little time discussing the issues that mattered to them by stating that the former president posed an existential threat to American democracy and that “as a nation, you don’t get the opportunity to debate and discuss any other issue if you simply turn your head away from that kind of a fundamental threat on our republic.”

When asked if she thought Republican people understood the significance of upholding the Constitution, Ms Cheney replied, “Donald Trump has deceived Republican voters. He has misled them. His supporters have misled them. “They’re turning people’s patriotism against them,” she continued.

After the interview, Ms Guthrie questioned Ms Cheney about whether she agreed with Obi-Wan Kenobi’s line from the Star Wars film A New Hope, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can imagine,” which she translated as being “stronger in political death this morning.”

Well, Ms Cheney responded, “I don’t see it as death this morning. “My children liked the comparison. The YouTube video has been circulated among them.

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