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“Stranger Things 5 Should Hopefully Have Less New Characters” Duffer Bros Added

One thing that most people will agree on regarding Stranger Things is that the cast is ridiculously large. The fourth season felt like it was trying very hard to keep everyone busy, what with the Hawkins kids and their family members being spread out over the country making new acquaintances, the different government and otherworldly personalities, and Hopper’s party in Russia. It’s difficult to keep track of so many different personalities, especially when so many of them become overnight sensations.

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The Duffer Brothers have expressed the hope that fewer new characters will be introduced in Stranger Things 5!

However, Ross and Matt Duffer aim to stick with the established cast for the final season. The brothers told IndieWire that they’d “try our best” to avoid introducing any new characters. In particular, Matt has stated that “the OG characters”—the Hawkins children, Hopper, and Joyce Byers—will be given more screen time in the final season. Further, the brothers understood the danger of introducing new characters, which can reduce the amount of screen time for established ones.

“We want to make sure that any new character we introduce is going to play a significant role in the story,” Ross added. Ross went on to say that they are “careful” about the process of bringing new blood into the show, using the introduction of Joseph Quinn’s character Eddie as an example. We can’t bring on someone who will detract from our great cast of characters.

Matt said, “Every time we bring on a new actor, they know they have to develop a storyline to make them fit in with the rest of the program. However, the brothers have found that the new additions, such as Sadie Sink’s Max and Maya Hawke’s Robin, have been beneficial. Simply put, it’s a lot of enjoyable fun because these actors are so fantastic. Simply put, I enjoy a good jolt, therefore whenever possible, we make major plot adjustments or introduce terrifying new antagonists.

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