Is Kelsea Ballerini Married? Relationship Timeline With Morgan Evans

The 28-year-old singer, Kelsea Ballerini, and 37-year-old singer Morgan Evans had that special connection since the time they met in 2016. The duo never leaves an opportunity to express their love for each other. 

Read the full article below to look back at the yearly relationship timeline of Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans.


In March, the couple met for the first time in Australia as the co-host of an award show however, it was until the afterparty that rumors of their romance started circulating. While reminiscing about their first meeting, Kelsea said in an interview “He was like, ‘Let’s take a shot.”

“I remember taking that shot and putting it down and looking at him like, ‘Oh … he’s superhot.’ Later that night he leaned over and asked if he could kiss me, like a proper gentleman, and I said yes,” she further continued.

Later, in November, they made their first appearance at the 2016 award show and they were decked up in coordinating attires and posed together for pictures.

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In December, they took to Instagram to announce their engagement with two posts. The first one was a nostalgic clip from when they co-hosted an award show, and the other one was of her getting a kiss from Morgan as she flexed her diamond ring on her ring finger.

She wrote “This morning, 9 months and 13 days later, he got down on one knee in the kitchen while I was burning pancakes and asked me to marry him. Loving him has been the greatest gift of my life. And now I get to do it for life.”


In December, Ballerini and Evans got married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in an intimate wedding ceremony.

Sharing about some unconventional wedding ceremonies, Kelsea stated in an interview “It’s a little bit different but that’s how we started,” adding further “Kelsea’s vows were, as you would expect, poetic, sweet — like, mind-blowingly good. Our officiant was like, ‘Hey, Morgan, beat that!'” Evans said “I said mine, and I was going to finish with a few lines of the first song I wrote for her [‘Dance with Me’]. I got halfway through them, and she started to lose it, then I started to lose it — so I ended up having to cut it a little bit short!”


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The country duo released their first track titled “Dance With Me” in October 2018. Evans wrote the song about Ballerini, and the latter wasn’t supposed to sing it originally. 

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Evans said “[Ballerini] came in and it was like ‘I don’t know, do we really want to mess with this?’” he further added “But the second she opened her mouth to sing on that chorus, Chris [DeStefano] looked at me and we both had the hairs on the back of our necks standing up, it worked out perfectly. It was the first song I ever wrote for her and my favorite song I’ve ever written.”


In November, while appearing together on the red carpet prior to the Country Music Association Awards, Morgan stated that whilst they “look forward” to welcoming children, he quoted “we’re a little ways off from that.” 


In October, after almost three years of tying the knot, Morgan took to Instagram to announce that he is moving in with Ballerini to their first home together. The couple earlier used to live in their downtown apartment in Nashville.

He captioned the post writing “Yesterday we moved out of our first place together. Almost 3 years of marriage in there. So many great memories. Grateful for everyone! We look mega sleepy in the photo, cause we took it at 5 am as we left for the airport, but it had to be done. Onto the next adventure 🤙” 

Later, during an interview, Ballerini said “Honestly, [the move] just [is] giving us a little bit of purpose,” adding further “I’ve obviously not had a lot of things to do this year other than make records, so I have needed to put my time and creativity into something, and getting this house together has definitely been a good outlet for me.”


In September, Evans posted a selfie on Instagram to wish Ballerini her 28th birthday. Then in a November interview, Ballerini opened up about her marriage with Evans, while speaking about the relationship of her parents during her growing years. She said “I swore I was never going to get married,” adding the way her parents’ separation was “super-messy and really drawn-out.”


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She added she does not “see it as a fairytale-Esque, ride-off-into-the-sunset kind of thing.” Continuing “It’s work, but it’s worth it.” Ballerini went on to add “We approach our relationship so differently, but [Evans] shows up — he shows up in every way he needs to.”


Everyone knows that the power couple never misses a chance to appreciate each other. In March, Morgan shared a cute post for his wife on National Women’s Day writing “Posting this on International Women’s Day, with my international woman!” adding “So proud of you, for all of your achievements of course, but more so for the way you carry yourself through it all. You don’t need to talk or post about strength or kindness or intelligence or talent … you just do it, you are it. The real deal. Congrats [on] everything this week ♥️

Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans are no doubt cutest together and we wish them an eternity together. Let us know your views on their relationship and stay tuned with us only on

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