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Is Bakugo Dead in My Hero Academia? Are There Any Chance of Survival



Is Bakugo Dead in My Hero Academia? The ending of My Hero Academia made it explicit that some characters would not be able to survive. With the ferocious rivals, it isn’t rather possible to be a perfect Shonen tale in absence of a heroic demise or even two. However, some demises were set to leave an extreme impact as compared to others. If you are someone who has gotten to know the news or is aware of a relevant chapter, you would possibly be thinking: “Is Bakugo dead in My Hero Academia?” 

So, here we are to clear your dilemmas. Read the full article to know about it.  

Is Bakugo Dead in My Hero Academia?

Taking into consideration what has been confirmed online after the launch of Chapter 362 of My Hero Academia’s manga, Bakugo is indeed dead.

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This happens when Bakugo was outfighting All for One Shigaraki in order to get time through Deku could reach and take on the huge bad in their crucial face-off. However, he got the back of UA’s Big Three, several Pro Heroes, and a number of his classmates, All for One passed away and set on murdering Bakugo to injure Izuku severely. Similarly, Bakugo was not set to flee under any situation and confronted All for One in spite of this expected aftermath.

There is no side left for any exploration in the manga. The chapter’s several groups feature Bakugo in the afterlife or dead, with slight to no sparkles of an abrupt escape or misapprehension.

Is Bakugo Dead in My Hero Academia

Is There Any Chance for Bakugo to Be Back to Life?

Luckily, there’s a McGuffin that My Hero Academia can draw out to bring Bakugo back.

Eri’s Quirk can reverse any living being’s state to a previous state in its existence. This ability was depicted when she removed the existence of her dad, inverted Deku to a state where All for One had not destroyed his limbs while facing Overhaul, and when she got Mirio’s powers back after the wiping out of his Quirk.

However, as of now it is unclear if author Kōhei Horikoshi will do this or not, and how he would execute this into the plot. We will keep our watch on the manga and its developments in order to make relevant updates to this article accordingly.

We hope that this piece clears your doubt with respect to Bakugo’s death in My Hero Academia. Stay tuned with us only on

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