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Path Of Exile New Season, Variations, Release Date Status And More Updates

Sentinel, the current season of Path of Exile, was released back in May, but some players are already looking forward to the next major update, Patch 3.19. Mercifully, we have some information regarding the upcoming update already, and we have a fair notion of when it will be released. If you’re eagerly anticipating the Path of Exile 3.19 Update, this article has all the details you need to know.

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Variations in Patch 3.19 for Path of Exile

The only thing we know for sure regarding Path of Exile 3.19 is that there will be some tweaks to class balance. While Grinding Gear Games typically updates the game’s character balance with each expansion, they decided to leave things as-is for the Path of Exile Sentinel update (version 3.18) in order to focus on the story. Absolutely no adjustments of any kind. Christopher Wilson, the film’s producer, joked to PC invasion before its release that it may “all” fail tragically.

In addition, the development team revealed a new event called the Hardcore Solo Self-Found Sentinel league where players “would compete in the first to kill the new super pinnacle bosses” before Sentinel ever went live. It was announced that the victors will have the opportunity to

have their names added to the game’s lore by creating a one-of-a-kind endgame item or divination card for the game’s upcoming update. However, beyond this information, we have few if any details on the upcoming season of content for the game.

Release Date

A release timeframe for Path of Exile 3.19 has been confirmed by Grinding Gear Games, and the release date is August 2022. This was said in the context of a reference to the exclusive ending item that will be made available to the champions of the Hardcore Solo Self-Found Sentinel league.

No official release date has been given yet, but given that new seasons of Path of Exile tend to drop on Fridays, our best guess is anywhere between August 12 and August 19.

More information will be released throughout the month of July, so stay tuned.

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