Hunter Moore Net Worth: How Did He Earn His Money?

Hunter Moore is a condemned criminal and the one who was named “the most hated man on the Internet,” by Rolling Stone. He hails from California and back in 2010 launched a revenge porn website named “Is Anyone Up?” that used to enable its users to share sexual pictures of people without their permission and that also contained their personal information as well. 

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Hunter Moore Net Worth

According to several estimates, the net worth of Hunter Moore is approximately $1 million which he majorly earned from his website “Is Anyone Up?” The website reportedly ran for 16 months and it was shut down in 2012 after finding evidence from the mother of one of the victims.

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How did Hunter Moore Earn this Money?

Moore dropped high school and never ever flinched from his constant interests in drugs, sex, porn, and money as well. These are the reasons that led him to step into the adult entertainment industry as a hairstylist for a porn site after turning 18, in order to use his social abilities to make good contacts. Later, he went on a trip to several places like Europe, Australia, and Japan from the amount that he was awarded in a sexual assault legal battle against a retail store prior to getting back and setting up a sex-party company.

Though, Is Anyone Up? Turned out to be lucky for Hunter; he desired to post some sexy pictures of a woman he had been watching with his buddies, and some technical problems led him to post it online. Somewhere he did have an idea that it would also prompt his friends to share some snaps. Hence, the website developed into a revenge porn hub, with Moore posting each submission following the verification of ages, kindly note that those were still without their respective consent.

How did Hunter Moore Earn this Money
How did Hunter Moore Earn this Money

Reportedly, he made $8,000 to $13,000 monthly from Is Anyone Up? However, as per the docuseries, his luxurious lifestyle always caused him financial issues. Moore’s former lawyer said “Hunter had two revenue streams; selling merchandise and selling advertising,” adding “The more users you have on a website, the more hits you have on a website, the more you can charge for advertising.” Notwithstanding, eventually, he sold his website to James McGibney, an anti-bullying advocate for just $12,000 in 2012 suggesting he was not earning according to his expectations.

Moore wasn’t just impatient to hand over his website fearing legal issues, however, he also needed money, as per the Netflix original. Later, he became a professional disc jockey which he was self-taught while still partying and consuming drugs. But during early 2014, he was eventually detained on charges of bribing spoofing into emails of people and sneaking their private images in order to make them publish online.

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