Zac Efron Denied to “Live in Fear” From Rumors Gay! Know More

Here I am today to explain something new about Efron. Zac Efron denied living in fear as people called him gay. Once he dated Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Collins. But people questioned his sexuality and he is happy with that. 

In His interview with Us magazine, he said that what’s wrong if I am a homosexual.  

“I don’t like to live in fear about things like rumors and backlash to begin with — that’s the way I was raised — but I just can’t see what’s so wrong about being gay,” Efron said.

“It’s very flattering. After High School Musical and Hairspray, I’ve always felt embraced by the gay community, and I feel incredibly grateful and honored.”

He also said that “being gay was just another way you can be. I never really had time to think about it or have any preconceived notions. I don’t judge anyone and I never have.”

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Who is Zac Efron?

Zac Efron Denied to "Live in Fear" From Rumors Gay! Know More
Zac Efron Denied to “Live in Fear” From Rumors Gay

Zac is an American actor, whose real name is Zachary David Alexander Efron born on 18 October 1987. He start his acting career in 2000. His parents are Starla Baskett and David Efron. He has one sister and one brother. He completes his graduation from Arroyo Grande High school.

Some best movies are New Year’s Eve (2011), The Lucky One (2012), The Paperboy (2012), Neighbors (2014), Dirty Grandpa (2016), Baywatch (2017), and The Greatest Showman (2017). He played Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile (2019). In 2021, he won a Daytime Emmy Award for the Netflix web documentary series Down to Earth with Zac Efron (2020–present).

In 2005, he dated Vanessa Hudgens. He said to Us magazine that, he “met in 2005 while making the first High School Musical flick, and became a romantic item about two years later.” After brake up with Vanessa, he dates Sami Miro from 2014  to 2016.

Ted Bundy in his movie. “I really love TM, transcendental meditation. I did TM on the way home. Not while driving, but when you’re shooting a movie, one thing we can afford is a ride home, so on the way home I just do some TM and try to phase out of it.”

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