‘Love Island USA’ Andy Voyen On His Relationship With Mady Post Exit

The Love Island USA star Andy Voyen experienced several ups and downs while living in the villa. He eventually connected with Mady McLanahan after becoming embroiled in a love square. He was abandoned by his fellow Islanders, however, before they could progress any further. Now, in a conversation with Pop Culture.com, Andy talked about his relationship with Mady and how, following their heated argument, he and Isaish Campbell were able to become friends.

Isaiah was growing fond of Sydney Paight when Andy first made waves in the Villa by getting together with her. Andy’s choice caused conflict between him and Isaiah, even though Sydney and he ultimately realized they weren’t a suitable match.

When Isaiah confronted Andy about kissing Sydney, viewers witnessed the tension reach a breaking point. They missed out on witnessing the two men’s eventual reconciliation, though. They spoke, and as Andy had said, they were able to put the past behind them.

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He said, “I’m not going to get in the way of you at all after we recoupled [he with Mady, and Isaish with Sydney]. “So, after a little period of resolving our differences, I just wanted to apologize to him in full. We both moved on from that [he] and I. Naturally, he was the first person to give me a hug when I was removed. He and I actually get along fairly well, so there. When he comes out, I can’t wait to talk to him.”

‘Love Island USA’ Andy Voyen On His Relationship With Mady Post
‘Love Island USA’ Andy Voyen On His Relationship With Mady Post

Relationship Between Andy Voyen and Mady Post

Andy was starting to develop a close relationship with Mady despite his problems with Isaiah and Sydney. The Islanders’ decision to save Mady and send Andy home ended their burgeoning romance. After failing to connect with anybody else, Mady has expressed in recent episodes that she “misses” Andy. Andy, what has he got to say about that?

“She and our time together are of course something I miss. I do, “Andy clarified. “She’s just validating what we already knew—that what we experienced in the Villa was true, I suppose—by stating that. That’s sort of a confirmation, in a way, that it might be something, maybe, I suppose.” Even though their relationship in the Villa came to a happy conclusion, the two still have challenges outside of the villa because, as Andy mentioned, they reside on separate sides of the country. If they want to continue strengthening their relationship, they will need to overcome these obstacles.

He stated, “I am extremely anxious to chat with her and see how her time was when I left, and just see if if it might be something and feelings are still there. “However, I am also aware that because we are located on opposite sides of the nation, we would need to proceed very slowly and determine if this is what we really want. In the event that something were to come up in the future, we wouldn’t just dive in headfirst.” In the episode that aired on Monday, Mady decided to take matters into her own hands and left the Villa, informing everyone that she hoped Andy would be waiting for her.

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Andy Voyen and Bria Bryant were kicked out of the Love Island USA villa, leaving Mady McLanahan alone

The two have had a difficult time adjusting to life in the California villa, and things didn’t get any better when Sarah Hyland came in and abruptly informed the cast that a dump was coming.

In the show that aired on Peacock on Wednesday night, Andy and Mady were up against Bria Bryant and Timmy Pandolfi, and the other Islanders had the option of sending one of the boys or one of the girls home.

Jesse was given the task of informing his co-stars about who the boys had decided to send home, saying, “By far, this decision was not simple, not easy at all, but this boy actually has a heart of gold.”

The girls’ decision was then revealed by Deb Chubb, who said, “This was a really difficult decision, but we have opted to save this child because we truly believe she deserves a fair opportunity at love.

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