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Game Play NBA 2K23 Release Date Status Trailer And More



There are a variety of new gameplay enhancements in NBA 2K23 to match any skill level. Flex on the rim, move deftly to the rack and enjoy more realistic movements. NBA 2K23 will soon be released, and it includes gameplay improvements that up the level of competition in every aspect. Authenticity is the key tenet that will guide us throughout this year.

The squad put a lot of effort into achieving the greatest level of parity between Current and New Gen players on the court. We’ve covered every important information regarding the changes arriving in the most recent NBA 2K franchise game below.

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The release date for NBA 2K23 has been confirmed for September 9, 2022. On this day, NBA 2K23 will be available for pre-order on all platforms. NBA 2K23 pre-orders will open on July 7, 2022.


Although the emphasis in the previous game was on the defense, NBA 2K23 is a great place to start because of all the new features and improvements on the offensive end of the court. NBA 2K22 was a great year for outside shooters because tiny guards had several advantages over their taller counterparts and outside shooting ruled online games.

When considering how to make our game feel more realistic, we compared how virtual games played out to the NBA in real life and realized that we needed to give slashers who enjoy finishing at the rim more attention. Expanding the arsenal of offensive options was necessary.

NBA 2K23


The Pro Stick’s new gesture combos are the most evident improvement. Internally, we call the new moves “double throws” and “switchbacks” (flicking the Pro Stick in one direction, allowing it return to centre, and then swiftly moving the Pro Stick back in the same direction) (flicking the Pro Stick in a direction, letting it center, and then quickly moving the Pro Stick in the opposite direction). Many new tools for shooting and ball handling are introduced by these new motions.


The new instructions allow us to increase the dunking controls so you can dunk precisely how you want without unintentionally firing off a skill dunk. For dunking, the metered skill dunks from NBA 2K22 (ability to force tough dunks in traffic with a timed shot metre) return. The following is the updated Pro Stick control map for dunks when driving to the hoop while holding the Sprint trigger:

You’ll see that the rim hangs are now within your control on this new map. With physics-based simulated rim hangs, we’ve upgraded that control for New Gen! This piece of technology has been in development for a few years and is very fun and delightfully sophisticated. It enables you to decide when and how to hang on the rim following a dunk.

There are few controls. When driving to the basket, use one of the new rim-hang dunk gestures listed above, but when the player’s hands touch the rim, maintain your finger on the Sprint trigger. As long as you hold the trigger, you’ll hang there endlessly. You can use the Left Stick to control the momentum of your swinging body and the Right Stick to raise yourself up onto the rim. Instead of using pre-made animations, this was completely accomplished using physical simulation, which looks and feels incredible. It’s one of the most entertaining things to do in the City (available on New Gen only), but be careful of techs if you stay too long at NBA games.


Regrettably, we are unable to provide you with any NBA 2K23 games or trailers at this time. However, the Michael Jordan introduction trailer contains a quick preview of some gameplay.


Double throw gestures are used for layups in the hop-step and switchback gestures are used for layups in the euro-step and cradle, which feels very natural to slashers who want a bit more elegance in their finishing. Perform a brand-new set of rapid scoop layups with a simple hold to the left or right. These are excellent, especially for short guards who want to rapidly flip the ball up behind opponents before they can react and block the shot.

For the larger/stronger players, there is a tonne of new contact layup content that portrays what should actually happen when players like Giannis Antetokounmpo run over everyone in their path. For both Additional Gen and Current Gen, we’ve also introduced a number of new layup packages, including those for Devin Booker, Joel Embiid, Allen Iverson, Magic Johnson, Nikola Jokic, Zach LaVine, Ja Morant, Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, and more!

Double throws can be utilized by post players for post-drop steps and hop shots. Shimmy shoots and hooks can be obtained by using switchback gestures. This year, there are a tonne of new signature post shots and hooks to pick from.


NBA 2K’s dribbling has developed into a type of game within a game and has a life of its own. Ball handlers will love “combo-ing up” in NBA 2K23 since the new gesture combos give you more tools in your toolbox. The Moving Crossover signature package, which has increased from 15 to 28 choices, now allows you to assign dedicated signature double cross and hesi (hesitation) cross combo moves to Switchback gestures. It is very crucial right now to master your stick throw speed and signature animation timing.

By repeatedly swaying the Pro Stick back and forth, you can chain your player’s standard size-ups. The aforementioned new combos can be obtained by making quick double throws. Additionally, you may access an entirely new set of stunning animations known as Signature Combos by continuously flicking the Pro Stick in both directions.

“Attacking size-ups” are a significant new dribbling change. The size-up moves in NBA 2K could have been more beneficial, despite the fact that they looked cool. This was one of the things we wanted to change about dribbling. The new offensive size-ups offer a lot more side-to-side movement and are much better at forcing the defender to drop and shift, letting you to lure them one way and then attack the other—something all great ball handlers do so well in real life.

Although it might be entertaining to fool your opponents with a series of fancy dribbles, we don’t want to encourage players to dribble the shot clock out while their teammates are dozing off. It’s crucial to be effective and avoid spending too much time “playing with your food” because energy will deplete considerably more quickly if you spam too many actions at once. On paper, there is a huge list of size-ups to master, but in practise, they are all quite straightforward and seem natural. You’ll get the hang of it after a few minutes if you jump into 2KU Freestyle Practice and experiment with varied stick throw times.


Obtain the following downloadable goodies by pre-purchasing NBA 2K23:

In NBA 2K23, rise to the challenge and achieve your potential. Showcase your talent and compete against the world’s top players in MyCAREER. MyTEAM allows you to combine current All-Stars with enduring legends. With MyGM, you can create your very own dynasty, or MyLEAGUE lets you reshape the NBA. Play Now offers realistic gameplay where you can compete against NBA or WNBA teams.

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