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What Is Roger Stone’s Sexuality? Is He ‘Trysexual’? Are All those Rumors about his Sexuality true?

Roger Stone was a smooth-talking agent provocateur and self-proclaimed dirty trickster who thrived in the murkier shadows of U.S. politics. His decades-long career came to an abrupt end on Friday when a jury found him guilty of all charges against him. Before knowing about all these let us know who is the person we are going to talk about in this post…

Who Is Roger Stone?

Roger Stone is a political adviser and lobbyist for the conservative political movement. However, he was most well-known for his role as Donald Trump’s “man on the hill” and for being a crucial force that contributed to the businessman’s election to the presidency of the United States. Over the course of several decades, he has served as a paid consultant for a number of presidential candidates, including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush, among others.

The conservative consultant is the subject of an original documentary produced by Netflix titled “Get Me Roger Stone.” He was recently sentenced to forty months in prison after being found guilty of witness tampering, making false statements to Congress, and five other counts. Get Me Roger Stone is currently streaming on Netflix. Fortunate for Roger… On December 23, 2020, his good friend Donald granted him a pardon.

Why Roger Stone Is So Famous?

Stone has been a significant person in politics since the 1970s and pulled strings at age 19, but he didn’t become a large earner in political lobbying until the 1980s. Lobbying influences government actions, policies, or choices. Which Roger would love.

In the 1980s, he co-founded Black, Manafort, and Stone. It became the largest US lobbying firm. Stone and allies used their White House contacts to attract high-paying customers, including U.S. firms, foreign governments, and dictators. Success persisted until the 1990s.

Stone’s profile soared during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Stone apparently suggested attacking Bill and Hilary Clinton after stories of Trump’s sexism and misogyny. Stone’s methods helped Trump win the presidency, something he’d long sought. Stone allegedly sparked this butterfly effect by planting the notion of Donald running for president in 1980.

Get Me Roger Stone, a Netflix original made Stone’s fame self-fulfilling. Stone doesn’t care what others think, which we find refreshing. He has a goal and uses whatever means he thinks fit to achieve it.

We think he enjoys being loathed and is eager for lefties to document him in a bad light. Stone praised Alex Jones in the documentary and showed off a Nixon tattoo on his back.

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Is Roger Stone ‘Trysexual’?

Roger Stone recently responded to a question regarding his sexual orientation by telling an activist who goes by the name Jeff 4 Justice, who had inquired about his orientation, “I’m trysexual.” “I’ve exhausted every possibility.”

It was an unforgettable line, much like the other things that come out of Stone’s mouth. However, this wasn’t the first thing he said in response to the question that was posed about it. His first reaction was to ask why anyone would be concerned about that matter.

According to an article that was published in a publication that serves the LGBT community called The Advocate, the response to that question is that concerns over Stone’s sexuality are relevant since he supports forces that seek to damage the LGBTQ community. According to the activist, Stone has used his “time, energy, and fortune to elevate people to power who employ the religious right to go and do horrific things to other people.” Stone has been a supporter of religious rights.

Another activist by the name of Eliel Cruz stated that Stone’s “ideology and policies are detrimental to vast swaths of people, especially the LGBT community.”

There is not the slightest shred of evidence to back up either one of these ridiculous statements. On the other hand, these statements are a regular refrain on the left, and they are made both when addressing Stone and the guy he fought tirelessly to elect as president, Donald Trump. Each individual has a lengthy history of serving as an ally to the LGBT community; yet, this history is currently being ignored by their adversaries for strictly partisan motives.

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