Conor McGregor dead Hoax Tricks On Google! Know the Whole Story

A News got viral regarding the death of MMA superstar Conor McGregor. A post revolves on Twitter in which his death was confirmed on 4 August 2022. To see this fan got sad and they wanted to confirm it. After watching this news Conor twitted on Twitter that he is alive and healthy. He also posts his pictures while training on social media.  Recently he celebrate his 75th birthday and Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulates him.

Nobody knows how it appeared and how they disappeared it. Almost it was a prank when searching about Coroner, his profile shows his death news.

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How Does it Start?

It all spread from a screenshot from Google. When a fan posted a screenshot and asked why Google showed Conor died then other fans also went on Google and search for that. Then several fans tweeted to Conor and asked the reason behind this false information.  

“Conor Mcgregor is not dead but @Google why does it say he is online?” one fan noted.

“Conor Mcgregor, why does Google say that you’re dead???” asked another baffled fan.

In this way the hoax got viral and Conor has to come on social media to confirm thor fam that he is alive. And it all was a prank by someone.

Who is Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor dead Hoax Tricks On Google! Know the Whole Story
Conor McGregor dead Hoax Tricks On Google! Know the Whole Story

Conor was born on 14 July 1988, in Crumlin, Dublin. His parents are Tony and Margaret McGregor. He attends many schools during his childhood. Conor is a mixed martial artist. He also played football, and join a boxing club at an age of 12. Conor is a past Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) both featherweight and lightweight. In 2022 he placed himself at rank 12 in UFC lightweight ranking. In his first match, he was defeated by Floyd Mayweather Jr. In 2021 he is one of the highest-paid athletes according to a Forbes report. His earnings are recorded at $ 180 million. 

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