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A fun online multiplayer survival horror game called Dead by Daylight lets players pair up four survivors with one killer. The best course of action for Survivors is to band together and outwit the Killer because Killers have an advantage over the relatively helpless Survivors.

Each Survivor comes with a certain amount of Perks that really define the characters, especially for those who pay homage to other works of popular culture, like Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. Horror aficionados will adore Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical multiplayer title Dead by Daylight. Dead by Daylight pits four Survivors against a merciless killer, forcing players to cooperate in order to survive their own horror film.

While Survivors initially just differ in appearance, every Killer and Survivor has three unique Perks to earn in their Bloodweb that may eventually be taught to other Characters. These unlock at level 10, and each Killer and Survivor has its own strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities (Levels 30, 35 & 40). Each character has a unique play style, development path, load-out, and customization choices to suit your preferences. Feel free to try new things!

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Best Dead By Daylight Survivors Tier List

Dead by Daylight currently has 27 playable Killers, all of whom have fully unique skill sets, abilities, and systems. Each Killer offers something distinct to the table, despite the fact that some are certainly stronger and more dominant than others. Testing out every Killer, regardless of how they rank, is the only way to find one that matches a player’s preferred style of gameplay.

The top nine playable Killers in Dead by Daylight, which correspond to the top two tiers: S and A Tier, are represented in the list below. The following lineup is decided after taking into account many factors: The ability to win on each map, the potency of their Power, the usefulness of their Perks and Add-Ons, the potential of their skill ceiling, unpredictable nature, and overall dominance.

S Tier: Mikaela Reid

Mikaela Reid, who took the top slot, has strong Perks in Boon: Cycle of Healing and Boon: Shadow Step. Mikaela Reid can recover 50% quicker while she is within 24 meters of her Boon Totem thanks to Cycle of Healing, one of the Boon Perks that allow Survivors to bless Totems. Additionally, without the need for a medical kit, survivors can heal with a speed advantage of 90%. After destroying a totem, the Clairvoyance Perk enables the user to learn more about Exit Gates, Generators, Hooks, Chests, and the Hatch.

Each is displayed for 10 seconds within a 64-meter radius. The Killer will have a harder time identifying Mikaela Reid because she is a little character model. Overall, Mikaela Reid is very valuable to the other Survivors and should be taken into account for play styles that emphasize working as a team. It is impossible to ignore her capacity to heal and her knowledge of key resource locations throughout the world.

S Tier Claudette Morel

Botany Knowledge, a Perk on Claudette Morel, gives a base 33 percent increase in healing speeds and makes all healing items 33 percent more effective. Simple but quite helpful Within 120 meters, empathy may detect the aura of downed or injured survivors.

Each of these Perks complements the others well, enabling Claudette Morel to heal swiftly while keeping an eye on Survivors in need of assistance and the Killer’s likely whereabouts. Last but not least, Self-Care enables her to heal without a Medkit, albeit at half the usual rate. In Dead by Daylight, it’s crucial to be slow but to have the ability to repair oneself as necessary as often as possible.

S Tier Bill Overbeck

Bill Overbeck, a character from the Left 4 Dead series who also appeared in Dead by Daylight, has two outstanding perks that propel him into the top Tier: Unbreakable and Borrowed Time. He may fully recover from the dying state twice as quickly because of Unbreakable. Simple but amazingly useful On the other hand, Bill is given unexpected energy by the borrowed time when saving an ally from a hook.

The Endurance status effect protects the unhooked Survivor for 12 seconds following the unhooking. During this moment, if they are struck by a Killer, they enter the Deep Wound state as opposed to the down state. This is useful if the Killer is nearby and intends to immediately pursue the unhooked Survivor. Any Killer will have a difficult time overcoming these two advantages.

A Tier: Meg Thomas

Sprint Burst, one of the strongest fatigue perks in the game, gives Meg Thomas a momentary speed boost while she sprints. Simple, yet highly helpful in situations where the Killer is around. Sprint Burst also refers to effective map navigation and advantageous head starts during quick pursuits.

Additionally, as soon as the Exit Gates begin to operate and begin to rebuild each Generator, adrenaline begins to work, quickly healing one Health State and boosting sprinting for five seconds to 150 percent of her regular running pace. Last but not least, Quick and Quiet renders all swift activities soundless. This encourages covert play, which complements the first two perks’ overall swiftness well. Meg Thomas is designed overall for a quick play style.

S Tier: The Blight

No matter how skilled a survival you are, The Blight is a challenge. It’s important to remember that using The Blight necessitates some familiarity with maps. The more familiar you are with the environment, the simpler it is to navigate each area. Additionally, add-ons have powerful and erratic impacts. For instance, even while Survivors are hiding behind cover, he can see exactly what they are doing.

dead by daylight
dead by daylight

Characters Of Dead by Daylight:

Legendary Characters

Legendary Characters are Cosmetic Sets of Legendary Rarity that fully alter a character’s character model and transform them into a totally different one. These characters regularly appear in a variety of horror-themed video games, films, TV shows, and other works of fiction.

Mythological Characters

Mythological Characters are Cosmetic Sets of Ultra Rare Rarity that may entirely change the character model of a character and make them into a completely different one. These new Character models, in contrast to Legendary Characters, draw their inspiration from mythology or folklore rather than from other horror-related legends.s

Cosmetic Sets of either Ultra Rare or Very Rare Rarity are Costume Characters. They have traits with both legendary characters and mythological characters in that they are either directly or indirectly inspired by other horror-related legends, myths, or folklore, without changing the character model.

Lore Characters

Characters from the lore of Dead by Daylight are non-playable characters that only appear in that story.
The lore of survivors or killers, the descriptions and/or flavor texts of different unlockables, and the lore accompanying tomes can all make note of them.

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Trailer Of Dead By Daylight

The trailer is still to come. The original Trailer shows this.

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