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Check the facts: Are Amber Heard’s knuckles in the picture with Depp Visible?

Amber Heard’s knuckles

Amber Heard’s knuckles

Johnny Deep and Amer Heard come again into controversies because of a social media post. As you all know Deep filed a case against her ex-wife Amber, who is a domestic abuse survivor for The Washington Post for $ 50 million. 

Now social media is a place where you can get dizzy misinformation about their blatant marriage. But after investigations, it was found that Heard wanted to slander Deep and  Jury provide him with $ 10 million. And on the other side, Deep finds $ 2 million to libel him. It was not approved by any document. All this is great by a tweet from a Deep supporter.

It was tweeted that Amer was seen with red knuckles, when she came to attend Art of Elysium’s 9th Annual Heaven Gala on January 9, 2016, in Los Angeles, with her that-time husband Deep. This tweet viral on 7 May 

An аccompаnying cаption sаid, “Amber sweety, I’m so sorry you hаd to bruise your knuckles while punching Johnny Depp’s fаce. Thаt must hаve been so hаrd for you.”

Are Amber Heard’s knuckles in the picture with Depp Visible

“The only bruises Amber Heаrd hаs ever hаd were cаused by her аssаulting Johnny Depp” written above the post.

Both Deep and Heard are not happy with their relationship and get violent many times. But this tweeter post come on the spot after being published on Reddit, by Heard supporters. 

For a long time Heard attend the Art of Elysium event with Whitney Henriquez, his sister. She served as salon manager or director. Her sister also blamed Heard is get violent many times with her siblings. She lost her relationship with her family because of this behavior. 

And it seems that red stains are added by makeup on her hand in the post. Because it does not appear in any other picture. After investigating it was found that the red marks are false.

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