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Where Are The Couple’s Of Married At First Sight Season 11 in 2022?



There is no other reality television program like Married at First Sight. This matching program, which debuted in 2014, pairs together five couples each season. The hitch is that these individuals only meet their partners for the first time at the altar, during the wedding ceremony. Every season follows the designated newlyweds as they go on their honeymoon, live together, and adjust to married life.

We’re going to look back at the stars of season 11, even though this program has only just begun its 15th season. Audiences were introduced to five men and five women who declared themselves prepared for marriage from April to October 2020.

Couples Of Season 11 “Married At First Sight”

In order to identify their true loves, Bennet Kirschner, Amelia Fatsi, Brett Lindsey, Olivia Cornu, Henry Rodriguez, Christina Croce, Woody Randall, Amani Smith, and Miles Williams, and Karen Landry all stood in front of the camera. What happened to the season 11 couples, fans around the world are curious nearly two years after the final show aired.

In Season 11 of Married at First Sight, which took place in New Orleans, five couples exchanged their vows.

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Amani and Woody have recently become parents.

During their time on Married at First Sight, Amani and Woody quickly rose to the status of fan favorites as a pair. On Decision Day, there was little room for questions that they would both answer “yes.” And even when the cameras stopped rolling, they managed to keep their marriage strong.

In recent months, Woody and Amani welcomed a new member into their family. On June 3rd, their first child, a son named Reign Randall, was born. According to what the couple shared with Essence, the arrival of their child is “certainly a full circle moment for us.”

“We combined our love despite the fact that we were complete strangers in order to produce this human being. He is nothing that any of us could have ever imagined, and he is much more perfect than we could have hoped for. They went on to say that it was a great blessing to have this child together and to be able to share their love.

Karen and Miles are still together after “MAFS.”

Karen and Miles have also made their marriage work after meeting on Married at First Sight. The relationship between the two people wasn’t always easy, and both of them have talked about how their mental health has affected their relationship. There were even rumors early in 2022 that they had broken up for good. But it looks like they’ve decided to keep going. Now, they use their YouTube channel to talk about their life together.

In 2021, Amelia and Bennett split up.

Amelia and Bennett decided to stay together on Decision Day, just like Woody and Amani and Karen and Miles. Their relationship did not last, though. In October 2021, they filed for a divorce. At the time, they didn’t say what happened to make them break up. But it seemed like Amelia’s choice to move to Virginia for work might have been a problem. His Instagram shows that Bennett is still in New Orleans. Amelia’s recent Instagram posts, on the other hand, show that she has a new boyfriend.

On Decision Day, Olivia and Brett decided to split up.

Olivia and Brett didn’t make it through the New Orleans season of Married at First Sight like some of the other couples. Before Decision Day, the couple broke up, so it wasn’t a surprise when they decided to get a divorce at the end of the experiment. When it came to their relationship, they never seemed to be on the same page. Brett thought Olivia didn’t care about him, but Olivia thought he was sending her mixed messages.

Olivia did show up on Season 14 of “Married at First Sight.” In the reunion special, she flew to Boston to go on a date with Chris, whose marriage to Alyssa had ended earlier in the season. But Olivia and Chris didn’t end up together, and he recently showed off his new girlfriend on Instagram.

On Decision Day, Christina and Henry also broke up.

Christina and Henry were the fifth couple to get married in Season 11 of “Married at First Sight.” The relationship between the two didn’t look good from the start. Christina said on Decision Day that they never “clicked romantically,” and she thought that her husband didn’t like her. Henry also wasn’t happy. He said that his wife was lying and using an anonymous text message that said he was seeing another man to threaten and control him. They could all agree on one thing? Their short marriage was best over when they split up.


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