Rocket League Season 7: New Limited Time Modes, Patch Notes, Rocket Pass, Tournament Rewards & More

Since Rocket League was launched in 2015 and established a new genre, it has been the gift that continues to give. Within the past couple of months, Psyonix has worked with Formula 1, Nissan and NASCAR in order to introduce licensed content into the infamous car football game.

Furthermore, regular updates of the season have contributed in keeping a loyal fandom, with time-restricted modes putting in new twists to regular game types.

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Rocket League Season 7 released on June 15, 2022 and introduced a new arena, a new Rocket Pass, and more. Read the full article below to know more about Rocket League Season 7.

Season 7 Rocket Pass

The new season has brought a new Rocket Pass along with an amazing theme that provides players “a taste of the finer things in life.” This pass has new cosmetic items like Sushi Roller Wheels, Carat Cutter Wheels, an animated Aquarium Player Banner, a Kinda Big Deal Player Title and a Marble Floor Decal.

Rocket League Season 7: New Limited Time Modes, Patch Notes, Rocket Pass, Tournament Rewards & More
Rocket League Season 7: New Limited Time Modes, Patch Notes, Rocket Pass, Tournament Rewards & More

Rocket League Season 7 also introduced a new Rolls-Royce-style luxury saloon named the Maestro and the Utopia Coliseum (Gilded) Arena. This rebuilt version of the Coliseum Arena is having a luxurious renovation with amazing pillars and marble floors for Soccer events.

Tournament Rewards

Rocket League Season 7 can bring new Tournament Rewards which includes flaming Nunya: Roasted Wheels, the Black Market Dunker Goal Explosion and the arcade cabinet-themed Got Next Player Banner.

After the beginning of Rocket LeagueSeason 7, Select Favorites 2 Series released on June 16 as Blueprints which featured classics including Zomba Wheels, the Interstellar Decal and the Dueling Dragons Goal Explosion.

In order to reward top players, Rocket League Season 7 also introduced rare Golden Painted Items which can be spotted in Rocket Pass Pro Tiers after leveling up to Tier 70. Players will be required to reach Tier 150 for rarer items.

Limited Time Modes

In order to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Rocket League, another 2 Limited Time Modes have been introduced in Rocket League Season 7 under the new Birthday Ball Event.

The 2v2 Heatseeker LTM gave the ball homing abilities between 6 and 13 July. The Battle Royale-inspired Knockout LTM also returned on July 13 and ended on July 19.

Rocket League Update 2.16 Patch Notes

A new update also launched along with Rocket League season 7. Apart from the inclusion of the new arena, Maestro car, and Tournament Rewards, the latest update also introduced some modifications to the Custom Training mode on the basis of feedback from players. For instance, shots aren’t required any longer for advancement on packs in order to be finished in a particular order.

New Content

New Arena Variant

  • Now, Utopia Coliseum (Gilded) is available in Private Matches as well as Free Play

Modifications and Updates

Personalized Training Updates

  • Now, players can complete shots under a training pack in an order they want
  • Game save data includes training pack progress 
  • Players are able to reset progress on any training pack

New Controls

  • Next and Previous Shot: In a training pack, easily switch between shots 
  • Select Shot: Press and hold will pop up a new drop-down menu that enables you to choose the shot you sought to practice in the pack.
  • Randomize Shots: Shuffle the order of shot order (in order to get back to the original order, you can press again)
  • Shot Mirroring: Flick a shot to the other side of the arena. Mirroring acts upon all Arenas that is available currently in Custom Training

To View and Change Custom Training Controls:

  • Load into a Custom Training pack
  • Go to Settings > Controls > View/Change Bindings
  • Scroll to the very bottom, and there will be the new inputs just below controls for Knockout
  • The Custom Training Menu has a new addition of ‘History’ tab
  • New options have been added to the Custom Training Pause Menu
  • Then lastly, Reset Progress

End Training

  • End Training screen: From here, you can return to the pack, swap to a different game form, switch the training pack, or return to the main menu.

The screen will pop up for the first time when you finish each shot in a training pack, and every time when you finish all of the shots in a pack following resetting progress.

The End Training screen would not show up automatically when you are making use of a training pack that has already been finished if its progress has not been reset.

Painted Items

  • Players will now be able to sort Customization Items by Paints in the Car Customization and Arrange Inventory menu
  • ‘Gold’ has been added on select Customization Items

Player Behavior

Further modifications and advancements have been made to how we trace and take step against griefing during game and scoring on your own team 

So, when you experience any griefing or own-goaling in a game, you can report it using the “Match Throwing/Griefing” reason

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This will result in disciplinary action for the “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” ban reason

If a player is barred, a “Report Feedback” notification is forwarded to all players who delivered proper reports for Match Throwing/Griefing

Final Words

This was all about Rocket League season 7. We will keep you updated with all the latest news until then, stay tuned to our website

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