Nope Movie Ending Explained

Well Jordan Peele’s sci-fi horror film “Nope movie” is some of those films that left viewers with some nagging questions about the exact nature of that strange thing in the clouds over Haywood’s Hollywood Horses.

Here, in this article, we have tried our best to answer such questions so audiences can understand all those perspectives.  

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The First Thing That Comes To Mind Is What Is The Thing Within The Cloud In Nope Movie?

The anonymous flying thing that is concealing in the clouds over the ranch is not a ship led by aliens, instead it’s itself the alien assumably as there is no precise explanation for it. We are certain that it’s not a vehicle; the object that appears like a regular flying saucer is alive itself, and whenever it feels hungry, it moves around the desert in search of things it can have.

Nope Movie Ending Explained
Nope Movie Ending Explained

What Is Gordy’s Home and Its Connection To The Main Plot?

The film starts with a flashback to the set of a ’90s Tv series named “Gordy’s Home,” regarding a suburban family residing with a chimp. In this specific episode, the chimp who portrays Gordy captures and invades the actors who portray his family, injuring many cast members. Ricky “Jupe” Park, who is one of the younger actors somehow hid beneath a table by the time he is helped by someone.

Jupe (portrayed by Steve Yeun) is the owner of the Western theme park. The same alien that is frightening the Haywoods also visits the park occasionally where we discover that Jupe has been feeding the alien horses he has been purchasing from OJ (portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya).

Coming to the connection it has with the main story, there isn’t really one. Rather, the tragic backstory of the character is supposed to emphasize Nope movie themes regarding the entertainment sector being cruel. There was a time when Jupe used to be a popular child star, but now he is just operating a theme park. 

What’s Jupiter’s Claim In Nope Movie?

It is the Western theme park which is named after Jupe’s character in the successful film Kid Sheriff. During an interview, Steven Yeun said about Kid Sheriff that “[Jupe] wasn’t the lead, but he blew up. And then he was given a sitcom in the ’90s, during which he was subject to an incredibly horrific, infamous event one day on the show. After that, his career was never the same.

He was never able to get the same type of heat and work that he had in the past. And now you’re finding him as an adult, having been locked in a mindset from that time, which I don’t know if he’s completely aware of.”

Reason Behind Ship Eating a Few People and Not Others In Nope Movie?

During a show at the park’s outdoor amphitheater, we saw when the alien “ship” eats Jupe, his entire family, as well as all the other people present there. Later, when OJ reaches and inspects the havoc caused due to the alien, he believes that they are like a predator.

Hence, OJ somehow survives a number of face-offs with the alien as he kept his head down and didn’t have eye contact with them either whereas all the other people at the park get devoured as all of them were staring at that creature.

What’s OJ and Emerald’s Plan At The End Of The Nope Movie?

Throughout the movie, OJ not only understands that the ship is alive but also realises that though it eats animals, if it consumes inanimate objects, it can be hurt. Further, he thinks if the creature is tempted to consume more such things with which his stomach gets upset then it might get killed.

And to record all this a camera is required by him that would not short out as the alien comes; the “ship” has some sort of field around it that shorts out anything that operates on electricity in its vicinity, along with cameras as well.

OJ and Emerald get in touch with a cinematographer. He gives them a film camera that operates on a crank and won’t short out. In order to warn them as the creature is closer, they provide expandable tube men all over the Haywood ranch. When the tube men cease swinging, it means the alien is nearby.

The precise plan utilizes OJ and his horse Lucky as temptation to attract the monster out into the open whilst the filmmaker utilizes his crank camera to shoot it. As the alien attempts to eat OJ, he will feed it some bunting and would hopefully end up giving it severe intergalactic indigestion.

So, The Above Cast Is What OJ Wanted But What Did Actually Happen In Nope Movie?

Well, it all just begins going wrong, as a TMZ reporter appears at the Haywood ranch, in search of answers regarding the tragedy that happened at Jupiter’s Claim, leaving almost all people missing.

As the reporter rides on his motorcycle, the alien follows and sends him flying off his bike. OJ then moves forward to save him but the monster is utilizing the guy as a temptation to gin OJ. But, OJ manages to get away with the situation by avoiding eye contact.

With OJ and Emerald’s mindful coordination, as well as their friend Angel and the cinematographer, they manage to collect some clips of the monster. However, the plan with the bunting just halts the alien briefly, and it soon swallows the director and Angel also gets eaten as well.

The creature ruins the Haywood homestead, at which point OJ decides sacrificing himself so that Emerald manages to escape the situation. He does so when she takes the paparazzi’s motorcycle to flee.

Emerald drove to Jupiter’s Claim, where she diffused a giant helium balloon character shaped like the park’s mascot into the sky. The monster tries to devour it, and eventually, he gets blown off. She makes use of an antique camera on the ground below installed at the bottom of a well to record a snap of the alien before when it is damaged.

Did OJ Survive or He Is Dead At The End Of The Nope Movie?

So, it appears like OJ could have managed to survive after encountering the alien closely, but following Emerald’s blows off the monster, she sees OJ and Lucky close to the gates of the park. We see just a short glimpse of a quiet OJ which hints at something unreal at the time like Emerald is having a hallucination of her deceased brother.

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A few viewers believed it to be just a hallucination but others suggest that only because it is recorded in such a way that does not necessarily mean that OJ is dead. 

Final Words

That’s all about Nope Movie and we hope it would have clarified many viewers’ doubts. Stay tuned to our website for more such updates.

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