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Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters Of All-Time, Ranked

Although there are many strong characters in anime, there are a few that stand out as the undeniably most powerful in the entire medium of animation. These characters are known as “legends.”

In anime, characters such as ninjas, mutants, demons, cyborgs, and aliens engage in combat using sword strikes and energy blasts that are so powerful that they can cut through steel and level mountains. Because of the wide variety of people that appear in anime and the unique abilities they possess, it might be challenging to determine which characters are the most powerful in the history of the medium.

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When evaluating abilities, there is always room for subjectivity, even though certain characters could be apparent standouts. When attempting to compare several fictional universes, it is helpful to keep in mind that each one operates under a unique set of guidelines.

On the other hand, because anime all share the same genre conventions and plot beats, some characters start to surge to the top. These characters are not only the most powerful in their series, but they are also the most influential anime characters in the history of the medium.



One Piece (1999 – present)

The toothy grin of Luffy, the carefree commander of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece, conceals enormous strength. One of the series’ most underwhelming Devil Fruits was first attributed to him. However, he was able to unleash the immense power he possessed after years of rigorous training.

Luffy’s rubber body renders him nearly impenetrable to most strikes, making him a formidable foe in any situation. The inclusion of Luffy in the Worst Generation strengthens his resolve. These 11 infamous and strong young pirates are on the run from the world’s governments for their involvement in piracy-related crimes.


Tetsuo Shima

Akira (1988)

Doctors uncover Tetsuo’s tremendous latent psionic talents when he is injured after almost running over a small kid on the street. Tetsuo can fly, build force barriers so he can breathe in space, bend light, lift items, and channel his telekinesis into powerful energy blasts after unleashing his powers.

Tetsuo Shima

The artificial arm Tetsuo used to replace his own was destroyed by an orbiting laser, yet he never stopped fighting. Because Tetsuo was so desperate for greater power, he ended up going over the line. It’s this transformation into a massive meaty mass that makes Akira one of the most viscerally magnificent films ever made, and it’s one he has no control over.



One Piece (1999 – present)

The Whitebeard Pirates’ commander, Edward Newgate, is recognized as the world’s most muscular man in One Piece. His size is intimidating, and the scars on his body attest to the many conflicts he has faced. His athletic prowess still rivals that of giants, despite his advanced age. When you factor in his Devil Fruit ability to cause earthquakes, he becomes a terrifying foe.

Whitebeard’s earthquakes are capable of destroying entire structures and triggering tsunamis. When it comes to anime characters, Whitebeard is one of the strongest of all time because to his increased endurance and seismic skills.


Yusuke Urameshi

YuYu Hakusho (1992 – 1994)

Yusuke Urameshi is the protagonist of YuYu Hakusho, a half-demon, half-human series. As a Spirit Detective, he defends the human race against demonic forces such as demons and ghosts. Because of his mastery of spiritual energy and his demonic lineage, he is one of the most formidable anime characters ever created.

Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke’s trademark technique is the Spirit-Gun, which utilizes his right index finger to unleash a powerful burst of energy. It was sufficient to break a small boulder at the beginning of the series. Yusuke’s demon powers were so powerful that they were nearly as devastating as atomic bombs towards the end of the story.


Ichigo Kurosaki

Bleach (2004 – 2012)

In Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki serves as a Soul Reaper, ensuring the safe passage of spirits between this world and the hereafter. Zanpakuto, a sword that cuts spiritual bodies, is carried by every Soul Reaper. It is the only weapon that can kill hollows.

One of Ichigo’s Zanpakutos, Zangetsu, is a potent weapon. Ichigo gains superhuman speed and power when Zangetsu is fully unleashed. Many captains of the Soul Society have more spirit energy than Ichigo, even if he is a fresh soul reaper. One of the strongest anime characters is Ichigo, who can fight off supernatural beings while defending human spirits.


Akira Fudo / Devilman

Devilman (1972 – 1973)

Akira Fudo gets the abilities and memories of Amon, the demon hero after Amon possessed him in the famous 1970s anime Devilman. Akira, on the other hand, keeps his human awareness thanks to his pure heart. He utilizes his abilities to defend the human race from evil forces bent on wiping out the human race.

Even without armor, Akira possesses the strength to break demons in two with his fists. He also has the ability to fly and blast energy beams from his antenna while teleporting. As if being a demon of average size wasn’t terrible enough, he can also phase through barriers and expand his scope.



My Hero Academia (2016 – present)

Known as Toshinori Yagi in the My Hero Academia series, All-Might is one of the most powerful heroes. Quirk One For All has been passed down from legendary hero to legendary hero and is one of the most powerful in the MHA world.


The ability to store and access power in One For All offers the user near-unlimited, superhuman strength, agility, and speed for a brief period. Wind pressure from a single strike from All-Might may devastate multiple city blocks.

In terms of physical strength, All-Might is one of the strongest anime characters ever. However, his strength isn’t the only thing he has going for him. When individuals hear the moniker “All-Might,” they think twice about harming anybody else.



Mob Psycho 100 (2016 – present)

Even though Mob isn’t mighty physically, he has latent psychic talents activated when he experiences tremendous emotions. Because of childhood trauma, he has unconsciously stifled most of his abilities. He can only use his full psychic powers when a certain feeling, such as wrath, grief, or bravery, reaches a maximum level of intensity in him.


To move large structures, produce unbreakable force fields, fly, and deconstruct and reassemble matter at the molecular level are just some of Mob’s many abilities. Because he can absorb energy from other espers and his surroundings, Mob is one of the strongest anime characters ever.



Toriko (2011 – 2014)

The Anime character Toriko is a perfect example of physical power. Clenching his hand provides enough force to cause a wind gust with only one strike. Toriko’s direct strikes, “Fork” and “Knife,” are well named for a show about food.


As a result of the hunger demons that inhabit him, Toriko’s power is also substantially enhanced. When the Gourmet Cells’ hunger is satisfied, they create these monsters, which can pick a host to occupy. Three hungry demons reside within Toriko’s body, making him one of the rarest characters. The demons’ powers may be harnessed to some extent by Toriko over time, but they are extremely dangerous and abusing them could result in his death.



Hellsing (2001 – 2002)

The protagonist of the Hellsing saga, Alucard, is implied to be the most powerful vampire living in the story’s lore. He’s an egomaniacal, vicious, and ruthless foe who only ever makes good use of his vampire powers. Arrogance is his only flaw, and it’s cost him several battles.

Increasing his strength is no problem for Alucard, who, like many other contenders for the title of a most powerful anime character, can morph. Each of his six powers has a specific condition in which it can be unleashed. In his ultimate form, he’s said to be powerful enough to rip a hole through the fabric of space and time.


Madara Uchiha

Naruto Shippuden (2007 – 2017)

One of Naruto’s most infamous villains is Madara, who was previously a great Uchiha clan chief. Born with a surplus of chakra, like Naruto, he is a natural. Despite his preference for ninjutsu, he is a master in the art of hand-to-hand combat.

Madara Uchiha

One of the most powerful characters in the Naruto series is one of the tailed monsters. As a result, Madara becomes virtually unbeatable once he locks Ten-Tails, the progenitor of chakra, inside his body.

He can mesmerize every living thing in the world after reclaiming his Rinnengan, the series’ most exalted eye skill. This made Madara a severe contender for the title of the most influential anime character.


Naruto Uzumaki

Multiple Naruto series (2002 – present)

Naruto epitomizes the term “underdog.” For a long time, many around him loathed him for his maturity and recklessness. Then at the age of twenty-five, he began to devote more time and energy to his training. This character has the potential to be the most robust Naruto character and anime character in general by the conclusion of this season.

Naruto’s powers are substantially enhanced when he enters Kurama mode towards the conclusion of the series, which covers his body in a golden chakra field. Combined with Sage Mode and the Sage Chakra from the Six Paths, he is as powerful as Madara Uchiha, a formidable anime character.


Lain Iwakura

Serial Experiments Lain (1998)
Experiments that repeat themselves On the Wired, a worldwide virtual reality world comparable to the internet, Lain focuses on Lain and her entrance into the virtual world. Lain finally finds that she isn’t human as the narrative develops.
Lain Iwakura

An autonomous and intelligent computer program has been given a physical, human shape to fit in with the actual world. Her goal is to break down the boundary between the natural world and the Wired, invisible to the naked eye.

In addition to being an omnipotent and omnipresent virtual creature, Lain has a wide range of reality-bending abilities. To keep people from being aware of certain occurrences, Lain can edit and remove virtual information since she is a computer program. Lain is one of the most strong anime characters in a unique way since she can be found in both the Wired and the real world.


Light Yagami

Death Note (2006 – 2007)

Light Using a Death Note, Yagami can take the lives of others. After Shinigami Ryuk drops a Death Note in the human world, Light takes possession of it. Whoever has their name scribbled on this Death Note will perish. As a sort of justice, Light chooses to use the Death Note to kill those who, in his opinion, don’t deserve to live.

Light, on the other hand, is distorted by all this strength. As far as he’s concerned, the world is packed with wrong people, and he’s the only one who can clean it up! The Death Note’s chronic use has turned him into a vicious killer. With Death Note, Light is among the most influential anime characters of all time, even though he doesn’t possess any special abilities.



One Punch Man (2015 – present)

During the One Punch Man series, Saitama is the protagonist. Saitama stands out in a crowded field of superheroes and superpowers. Because he is so powerful, he has a daily existential dilemma of being too powerful to appreciate being a hero.


When overcoming his opponents, Saitama seldom has to put up any effort. In the epic fight against Lord Boros, he made one significant attack. A planet-destroying invasion from Boros is thwarted by Saitama’s devastating punch.

The punch’s shockwave alone shattered Boros and tore apart the clouds all across the globe. Afterward, Boros stated that this wasn’t even close to Saitama’s full power, implying that his real potential is significantly greater.



Multiple Dragon Ball series (1986 – present)

Goku, the most influential anime character, is the hero’s hero. It has been evident from the outset of the Dragon Ball series that the vast majority of its characters are capable of wiping out whole worlds.

It is nearly impossible to comprehend Goku’s might at the ending of Dragon Ball Super. He’s thwarted extraterrestrial rulers, furious androids, and terrible djinns countless times. Countless adversaries have met their demise because of his legendary Ka-me-ha-me-ha technique.



Dragon Ball Super (2015 – 2018), Super Dragon Ball Heroes (2018 – present)

Jiren is the tournament’s biggest threat in Dragon Ball Super. In mythology, he’s described as a mortal with god-like powers. He can withstand the most devastating strikes from the strongest warriors in Universe 7, including Vegeta, Frieza, and Goku. Jiren thinks that justice can only be achieved via total power, and he lives his life to show it.


Unlike Jiren, even the combined might of Ultra Blue Vegeta and Goku’s Kaioken augmented SSB form was nothing. Ultimately, Goku, Frieza, and Android 17 worked together to take down a weakened Jiren. He was, nevertheless, the greatest fighter in the competition and one of the most influential anime characters ever when it came to one-on-one battles.



Dragon Ball Z (1989 – 1996), Dragon Ball Super (2015 – 2018), Super Dragon Ball Heroes (2018 – present)

God of Destruction Beerus rules over Universe 7. In the beginning, he’s a villain in Dragon Ball Z, but as the series progresses, he becomes a supporting character. He is one of the 12 Gods of Destruction’s most potent, and his strength is widely acknowledged. Beerus’ task is straightforward: he must preserve the universe’s equilibrium.

The first battle between Beerus and the Super Saiyan God Goku sent shockwaves through the cosmos. Even though Beerus was still reserving a significant amount of his strength, this happened.

Hakai, which translates to “destruction,” is the name of his most powerful technique. All Gods of Destruction have access to this energy, which can demolish anything in the cosmos save the highest-tier gods. If he had used this against the Saiyans, the Dragon Ball Super series would have been significantly shorter.



Dragon Ball Z (1989 – 1996), Dragon Ball Super (2015 – 2018), Super Dragon Ball Heroes (2018 – present)

He is the most powerful creature in Universe 7 and Beerus’ aide and martial arts instructor. It has been confirmed by Beerus himself that Whis is significantly more powerful than him. Breezing past a rampaging Beerus with a single chop to the neck was no match for Whis’ Super Saiyan God Goku, who could barely hold Goku off at half of his full power.

Speed is the only thing that can equal Whis’s strength. For him, each of his limbs is a living thing in and of itself. Because his ideas no longer have to travel to his brain, he can react much more quickly. One of the most influential anime characters of all time, Whis has a fist that can stop gods and a mind that can think and reply instantly.

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Dragon Ball Super (2015 – 2018)

Zeno, also known as the Omni-King in the Dragon Ball universe, is the supreme ruler and god-of-gods. His sweet and boyish attitude conceals his immense strength. According to Whis, there used to be 18 worlds, but Zeno destroyed six of them when he was feeling depressed. Even the Gods of Destruction are frightened by the mention of his name.


Zeno’s lack of combat instincts was shown during the Tournament of Power, where he could not keep track of Dypso’s moves. But with this kind of strength, fighting instincts are of little use. Zeno can vaporize anything in his path, be it a single person, a planet, a galaxy, or an entire universe. As far as anime characters go, Zeno is unquestionably the most powerful of all time on screen.