NBA 2K22 Prime Gaming Pack 2: How To Claim

The National Basketball Association serves as the inspiration for the 2021 basketball simulation computer game NBA 2K22, which was created by Visual Concepts and is being distributed by 2K Sports (NBA). It is the follow-up game to the previous entry in the NBA 2K series, NBA 2K21, and the 23rd overall iteration in the NBA 2K brand.

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The video game was made available for purchase on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on September 10, 2021. On October 19, 2021, the NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition was made available for purchase on Apple Arcade. As of the month of May 2022, more than 10 million copies of the game had been sold.

NBA 2K22 Prime Gaming Pack 2
NBA 2K22 Prime Gaming Pack 2

On August 1, the second Prime Gaming Pack for NBA 2K22 became available as a free pack that Prime Gaming members may grab through Amazon Prime. This pack was made public.

Through the Amazon Prime Gaming service, several game businesses, including 2K Sports, make their downloadable game keys, unique loot, and other items available to customers. After the first Prime Gaming pack for NBA 2K22 ran out of time on July 31, players may now submit a claim for the second Prime Gaming pack for the game.

Players must sign in with their Amazon Prime account to qualify for prizes. To obtain treasure:

  • Please visit the official Prime Gaming NBA 2K22 website.
  • Choose the Prime Gaming Pack #1, and then proceed with the steps outlined in the instructions to claim it.
  • After that has been completed, you will be given a locker code that may be used to have access to the goodies within the game (the locker code is only eligible for redemption in 2K22 until Dec. 31)

The following is a list of everything that is included in the NBA 2K22 Prime Gaming Pack 2:

  • MyTeam card set for the seventh season
  • XP coin
  • One branded MyPlayer t-shirt

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Players interested in obtaining these gifts should be sure to redeem the offer before it is permanently removed from the game since they will only be accessible for a short time, namely until August 31.

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