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BTS Net Worth, New Achievements And More Updates

Many of us have been listening to the lines, “Smooth as butter, like a criminal undercover..” over the past few months. Is anyone able to guess which boy band unleashed this blaze on the web? BTS, the world’s biggest boy band, is, in fact, here. Fans from all across the world have flocked to them in support and admiration. Butter, the band’s most popular song to date, has been on Spotify’s most-streamed list for a long time.

Dope, Boy in Luv, Blood Sweat & Tears, Dynamite, and many more are among their most popular pieces. When it comes to music and dancing, who hasn’t fallen in love with them? In the course of its eight-year history, this band has come a long way.

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Fans and soldiers alike are left wondering: how much money does their favorite band make? How much are they? Which family member has the most money, and why? This article has all of the solutions.BTS’ net worth has been estimated to be about $1 billion. According to several estimations, the BTS band will be worth $100 million by 2022. It’s due of their instantaneous notoriety and the enormous appeal of their music.

It is because of the combined contracts, agreements, and endorsements that they do as part of the promotion of their music albums and performances that they are worth so much money. The band’s merchandise is highly sought after, but it will only do well if it is heavily promoted.

We’ve also seen that only BTS has been able to garner the kind of worldwide adoration that transcends beyond national boundaries and linguistic obstacles, like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and One Direction.

Who is BTS’s wealthiest member?

Even though BTS is a rich band, each Army has its own bias or favorite member, and there are numerous elements that contribute to it such as their skill sets, roles they play, social media presence, and live performance abilities. Since their functions and endorsements vary, so does their net value, which is understandable since all five fingers cannot be equal. Though each member’s net worth falls between $20 and $35 million, let’s take a look at BTS’s wealthiest member.


A multi-talented member of the group, J-Hope is well-known for more than simply his most recent solo triumph. He became the band’s choreographer and organizer because of his exceptional dance abilities. According to some estimates, his net worth is $34 million.

Rapper Monster

Hip-hop has never gone out of style, and Rap Monster (RM) is one of the top rappers in the business since his part is unique and can’t be replaced. A total of around 130 patents to his name makes him worth an estimated $31 million.


Suga is well-known for his creative output, and his latest song has done exceptionally well in the marketplace. Because of this, he has partnered with high-profile companies. Suga has penned more than 70 songs for other countries outside of Korea, making him one of the most prolific songwriters in the world. His net worth is $30 million.


There is no doubt in our minds that Jimin has a wonderful fashion sense. His own style is evident in everything he wears and has. As a result, he’s a popular choice for product endorsements, whether it’s a perfume or an accessory or even clothing. He’s also well-liked for his singing, particularly for the seemingly impossible high notes that he manages to hit with ease. With all of his acclaim and worldwide visibility, he’s now the fourth-richest celebrity in the world, with an estimated net worth of $27 million.


Known for his cover collaborations with pop stars like Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth, Jungkook is the group’s youngest member and one of its most popular and sought-after performers worldwide. He is a multi-talented performer that has a lot of potentials to emerge in the music industry once he releases his own mixtape. At present, his fortune is estimated to be $26 million.


BTS fans adore the group’s second-youngest member for both his on-screen charisma and his off-screen camaraderie. Jungkook’s intimate friendship with him is well-known across the world. On the other hand, his acting chops are improving and we can tell that he wants to pursue it. A few historical Korean operas have already included him, but we want to see him more in BTS because of the great balance he brings to the band. Currently, his net worth is $26 million.

There are a lot of exciting things in store for BTS in the way of upcoming concerts and songs, but for now, we’ll have to settle for what we have.


The band’s businessman, Jin, is the band’s frontman. The fact that he is the son of a CEO of a Korean firm and hence the owner of that company may not be easy for him. People enjoy having him emcee live concerts because of his excellent emcee skills. He has a net worth of $25 million because of his role as the eldest member of BTS and because he is able to represent the group across the world.

However, we are eager to see more from our favorite band even as they have a long list of upcoming concerts and appearances, as well as personal growth in the form of singles.

BTS’s latest accomplishment

On April 21, 2022, BigHit Music revealed that the YouTube views for the MV of BTS’ Boy with Luv has reached 1.5 billion views. MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA was the name of the album that included the single that was released in April 2019. With over 1.5 billion views on YouTube, Boy with Luv is the Bangtan Boys’ most popular video. After passing 1.4 billion views in November, this music video gained 100 million views in just over five months. It only goes to show that the song’s appeal hasn’t waned, even after all these years.

As a bonus for those who have yet to hear it, BTS members worked with Grammy Award-winning vocalist Halsey on the track “Boy with Luv.” After its release, the track gained notice and entered the Billboard Hot 100’s main singles list at number eight. It topped the charts not just once, but eight times in a row throughout that period.

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