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Hershey Says It Won’t Be Able To Meet Halloween Demand This Year

Disappointing news for those who enjoy celebrating Halloween. It’s possible that you won’t have any success in the candy aisle this year.

The Chief Executive Officer of Hershey, Michele Buck, cautioned in prepared remarks regarding the company’s second-quarter earnings on Thursday that “We will not be able to completely fulfil customer demand” for the October holiday.

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What’s the issue? At least for the time being, customers want more Halloween-themed candies and Hershey’s normal candies than the company can provide.

During the epidemic, many companies that make consumer goods have had a difficult time keeping up with the ever-increasing demand for their wares, especially given the persistent problems with the supply chain.

Hershey Says It Won’t Be Able To Meet Halloween Demand This Year

Because of this, they have been forced to either decrease the production of certain less popular foods or eliminate manufacturing of them entirely, as was the case with the once-revered Choco Taco.

Hershey finds itself in the same predicament. During the epidemic, there was a significant increase in demand for sweets, and this need has not abated. During this time, people’s enthusiasm for Halloween has only continued to grow.

That is news that is bittersweet for Hershey, as the firm has experienced a rise in sales — the company recorded a double-digit increase in sales during the quarter in comparison to the previous year — but it has also had to make some compromises in terms of its manufacturing.

During a conference call with investors and analysts to discuss the results of the company’s second quarter, Buck stated, “We had a strategy of prioritizing everyday on-shelf availability.” She explained that by saying “that was a choice that we needed to make.” “It was a difficult choice to make.”

During the hectic Halloween season, this will most certainly mean losing ground to companies like Mars Wrigley and Brach’s, which are responsible for the production of candy like M&M’s, Snickers, Skittles, and others. Hershey is increasing the number of production lines at its facilities in the hope that it will be able to satisfy consumer demand over the next several years.

However, there are additional problems with it. The firm is still having trouble with interruptions along its supply chain, including higher dairy costs and a scarcity of ingredients, in addition to the capacity restrictions, it is already dealing with.

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Hershey must purchase the necessary components from third-party vendors if it is to be able to get them, which results in increased expenses. Buck stated that the conflict in Ukraine is a major contributor to these problems.

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