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‘They Are Not Happy’ Royal Family ‘Shut Down’ Filming For The Crown Season 5



It has been claimed that members of THE ROYAL FAMILY are dissatisfied with the next season of the popular drama on Netflix known as “The Crown.”

The popular series portrays the Royal Family throughout the years, and the next fifth season will concentrate on the 1990s, which was a contentious decade for the royal family. Fans of The Crown are eagerly anticipating new episodes. Still, according to reports, production on the show has been “put down” because the royal family “is not satisfied” with some of the initially intended stuff.

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Since its debut on Netflix in 2016, The Crown has enthralled viewers everywhere. The show has never shied away from the problems surrounding the royal family, and there has always been widespread conjecture that the royals are unhappy with the series.

However, there have been reports that they have already “stopped” portions of the filming for the fifth season. Tina Brown, the author of a book about the royal family, discussed the royal family’s efforts to prevent filming.

She stated that whenever they had the opportunity, they would prevent the production of The Crown in regions over which they had power. “For example, [Eton College] refused to allow them film there, which was obviously about understanding William’s emotions that, you know, they weren’t going to have it,” she said. “They weren’t going to have it.”

‘They Are Not Happy’ Royal Family ‘Shut Down’ Filming For The Crown Season 5

She said, “So they’ve showed their disapproval by making it pretty apparent that they are not happy and will offer no support,” when speaking to The AV Club. “So they’ve shown their discontent by making it clear that they are not happy,” she said. When reached by, Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the matter.

The series examined both the triumphs and the tragedies of royal history and included several sequences of dramatic reenactment. Since the beginning of the series, there has been widespread speculation that the royal family is unhappy with how they are represented in the show.

The depiction of the decade in the next episodes of The Crown, which are likely to place a significant amount of emphasis on Diana, Princess of Wales, will undoubtedly excite viewers of the show.

It was only just revealed that the series would investigate how Diana was treated in the lead-up to her iconic appearance on BBC.

After over three decades have passed since the controversial BBC Panorama interview with Martin Bashir, in which Diana revealed details of the dissolution of her marriage to Prince Charles, the issue surrounding how the interview was obtained is being called into doubt.

A recent settlement between the BBC, Alexandra Pettifer, and Tiggy Legge-Bourke resulted from accusations deemed “fabricated.”

It has been said that the popular royal drama would expose the “deceitful behavior” utilized to get the explosive interview. As a result of the findings, it would appear that the drama on Netflix would attempt to depict what occurred behind the scenes.

According to a person close to the production of the Netflix show, “Season five of The Crown will dramatize events surrounding the Panorama interview considering the significant role it had throughout the time the new series covers.” After that, they continued their statement to PA by saying, “It will reflect what we now know about how the interview was secured and how Diana was treated.”

When questioned about Camilla, Diana’s response during the interview was that there had been “three persons” in her marriage, which sent shockwaves throughout the world. Following an investigation, it was discovered that the BBC had engaged in dishonest behavior to make the interview possible.

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Including this interview and other critical royal events that occurred in the 1990s will likely result in a large series being produced for the program that is so widely watched. Netflix now has episodes of The Crown that users may view.

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