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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Release Date Status, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and Latest News

Black Panther

Black Pantherv

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is a much-awaited forthcoming superhero movie which is inspired from the character Black Panther of Marvel Comics. Well, Black Panther doesn’t need any explanation as the character has a big fandom worldwide.

Marvel Studios is all set to produce the film with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures to be the distributor. It serves as the sequel to the 2018 film Black Panther. Ryan Coogler is serving as the director. 

Read the full article below to know about the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever release date, cast, storyline, and others.

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Release Date

The filming for the film started in June 2021 and in March this year the filming officially wrapped. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is all set to hit theatres on November 11, 2022 in the U.S. and it will serve as Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and Latest News

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Cast

Here are the names we will see in the upcoming Marvel film:

In addition, Dorothy Steel, Danny Sapani and Isaach de Bankolé are also set to reprise their characters as the Wakandan River Tribe, Border Tribe elders and Merchant Tribe. Dorothy’s character marks her final on-screen appearance after her demise in October last year. Mabel Cadena will be seen portraying the character of Namora, whereas Alex Livinalli as Attuma.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Storyline

As we know that the official trailer is already out and it also has brought the official synopsis for us which reads: “Queen Ramonda, Shuri, M’Baku, Okoye and the Dora Milaje fight to protect their nation from intervening world powers in the wake of King T’Challa’s death,” adding further “As the Wakandans strive to embrace their next chapter, the heroes must band together with the help of War Dog Nakia and Everett Ross and forge a new path for the kingdom of Wakanda.”

Previously it was confirmed that the aquatic villain Namor will be featured in the upcoming film.

As per reports “Both Wakanda and Atlantis are hidden civilizations with advanced technology and increased militaristic abilities that decided to separate themselves from the rest of the world for their own safety, and in a way, out of fear.”

MCU president, Kevin Feige teased that he sought to get deeper into Wakandan history in the forthcoming movie, hence we could anticipate having some flashbacks related to that and feature how Wakanda became the place that was seen in the first film.

In a March 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said “Towards the end of the movie, T’Challa takes the herb again and encounters his father, where he’s like, ‘Hey, man. We’ve kind of screwed up, and I want to change it’,” adding “There’s that moment where all of the ancestors come behind T’Chaka. We would joke and go, ‘I want to see… what’s their story?

What’s that story? Who was Bashenga, the first king of Wakanda? Who’s that third to the left, behind T’Chaka? What was their story in Wakanda in 1938? That would be cool.”

In another interview with Cinema Blend, he said “Not one single thing,” continuing “There will be a Black Panther 2; look for it in November. And it will be amazing. Our director Ryan Coogler, writer, director, and perfect leader. It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to top #1.”

The actor Martin Freeman also has an intriguing perception regarding how the script evolved. In an interview with Collider, he said “Just before Chadwick died, if my memory serves correctly, the script had gone in,” adding “They had the script, for it and they were working on the script, and then Chadwick died, and  sort of immediately thought, ‘Oh, okay, I could see a world where there’s no Black Panther then, because how can you do a Black Panther without Black Panther?’”

“So, I still don’t know what that’s going to look like. And no, obviously, before Chad died, the idea of doing it without him would have been a stupid idea. It would have been crazy. It was very shocking, and still is very, very strange, that he is not here,” Freeman further added.

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Trailer

On July 24, 2022, Marvel Studios dropped an official trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and here’s the link below to watch the full trailer:

Final Words

Well, the upcoming Marvel film will surely bring a lot of surprises for its audiences. Stay tuned to our website for more such updates.

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