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Who is Nate Mitchell From ‘The Bachelorette’?

On “The Bachelorette,” Season 19 which aired on July 11, 2022, out of the 32 participants, a number of frontrunners appeared sooner for both the two Bachelorette.

Though Rachel Recchia appears to be moving towards Tino Franco, Gabriela Windey, the second bachelorette is sensing a strong bond with Nate Mitchell who is a Chicago-based electrical engineer.

The 33-year-old did not manage to get much screen time during the premiere, however, in the second episode, 2 viewers found out more regarding him following Gabriela picking him for her first in-person date. At the end of the night, he got a rose and viewers promptly flooded Twitter to appreciate his sensibility and regard for the Bachelorette. Nate seems to be capable of moving further in this season.

Here’s everything we know about the fan-favorite Nate Mitchell.

What Nate is Looking for in His Partner?

Nate’s formal cast wiki from ABC explained him as boasting “a weakness for a woman who can make him laugh so hard his belly hurts.”

Taking into consideration that Gabriela is popular for her sense of humor and craziness, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they feel a strong bond with each other.

On their first date which comprised a helicopter ride followed by a dinner at Union Station in Los Angeles, Nate and Windey giggled most of the time that they spent together and spoke in weird voices. 

Mitchell is a Romantic-comedy Fan

As per Nate’s fun facts, his favorite film is “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Perhaps he will have his happily ever after with Windey similar to Ben and Andie.

The other two facts stated that he loves a gas station Icee and he isn’t a mosh pits fan.

Fans Praised Him for the Way He Stood Up to a ‘villain’

The second episode first introduced the season’s short-lived antagonist named Chris Austin. In a conversation with several suitors at the Bachelor Mansion, Chris stated that he won’t be okay with Windey and Recchia’s intimacy with several men in fantasy suites week.

This led to drama in the previous season of “The Bachelor,” where frontrunner Susie Evans put the exact ultimatum. After learning about Echard’s intimacy with Gabriela and Recchia, Evans quit the show and left Echard to run after her.

Chris’ remarks irked a number of men, which also includes Mitchell who opened up regarding why Austin’s perception was complex.

Nate said “Anytime that you have a premeditated thought of, ‘You won’t do this, unless that,’ that is a form of control,” adding further “And that is manipulative. This could be our queen. This could be the mother of our children. This could be someone we spend the rest of our lives with.” 

“You cannot have preconditions to love. It’s just a form of control that a lot of men just don’t realize that they do that damages good women,” he further added.

Quoting his speech fans put forward on social media.

Mitchell is a Father of a 6-year-old Daughter

On his date, Nate told Gabriela that he has a young daughter who is six years old. He said “She is my world. Like, a pocket of my heart just burst open for the first time when she said, ‘Dad,’ (and) the first time she told me she loved me.”

He referred to his daughter as “the human form of coffee.”

On “The Bachelorette," Season 19 which aired on July 11, 2022, out of the 32 participants
Who is Nate Mitchell?

Following the premiere of the episode, he visited the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast and told the former “Bachelorette” precedes Becca Kufrin whereas Michelle Young that Gabriela’s frankness made him comfortable that he could speak regarding his bond with his daughter.

Nate is Friends With Several Bachelor Nation Alums

After a few days after the Season 19 cast official release, Dustin Kendrick took to Instagram to share that he shares a close friendship with Mitchell.

He shared a video with the caption “Meet my childhood friend … y’all can meet him on the bachelorette on July 11th!” 

If things don’t work out well between Mitchell and Windey, Nate will most possibly be in connection with Bachelor Nation. He was already nominated by a Former Bachelorette named Katie Thurston in order to be the next lead in a Tweet.

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