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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Anti-Trans Tweet Was Allowed To Remain Online

An anti-trans extremist and congresswoman from Georgia named Marjorie Taylor Greene sent out a hateful tweet on Monday. In the tweet, she referred to gender-affirming surgery in a derogatory manner.

She used the name of a former assistant secretary of health for the United States, Rachel Levine, who has since passed away. And although Twitter has attached a warning to the message stating that it breached the rules of the social media firm, the tweet will continue to be shown on the platform.

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“This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about hateful conduct. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible,” the tweet now reads.

Questions concerning why the tweet was left up didn’t get a response from Twitter until the next day, after they were sent by email overnight. The Babylon Bee was previously suspended by the firm for dubbing Levine “man of the year” and deadnaming him.

A four-star admiral named Levine recently appeared on MSNBC to discuss the recent judicial ruling that halted many civil rights protections for LGBTQ Americans in schools and workplaces. Greene, perhaps best known for spreading a conspiracy theory that Jewish space lasers are to blame for wildfires getting worse, tweeted a video of Levine’s appearance.

It’s our goal to “confirm and encourage and empower these youngsters,” Levin said in a video posted by Greene. We don’t want to limit participation in activities like as athletics or even gender affirmation treatment in their state.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Anti-Trans Tweet Was Allowed To Remain Online

According to Twitter’s stated policy, it will allow hostile content from politicians to remain on the service. Even if your elected officials are anti-Semitic, it’s crucial to know where they stand on issues so that people may see for themselves and, perhaps, decide not to vote for that candidate in the next election.

The rights of Twitter users to believe that the platform they’re utilizing isn’t a sewer of the most extreme far-right nutjobs on the globe must be evaluated against that perspective. What it looks like has already been shown to us in the shape of Gab. That site is a nasty digital dump of bigotry, Holocaust denial, and sexism, and no sane person would want to spend time there.

In addition, the rule of law requires that the norms be consistently enforced. Before being permanently banned from Twitter, President Trump unleashed a barrage of vile and harmful tweets. Because he was the most influential person on the planet and his tweets were newsworthy, Trump was banned from Twitter for violating the site’s rules on encouraging violence.

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No one knows why specific tweets get you banned from Twitter while others only receive a warning label, despite years of public discussion about content moderation and hate speech regulations.

Because he was inciting an uprising that would topple the government, Trump was barred from running for office. What I have to say about Marjorie Taylor Greene is horrible, if that’s the standard. The news is, in fact, quite awful.

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