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What’s Errol Musk Net Worth ? Income, Salary & Latest News

Errol Musk Net Worth

Errol Musk Net Worth

Errol Musk Net Worth: Errol Musk, the world’s richest man, and father of Elon Musk a well-settled billionaire from South Africa also known as a property developer, sailor, and pilot. To read more about Errol Musk read this full article.

Errol Musk: Early Life

Errol Musk was born as the first baby of Walter and Cora in 1946 in South Africa. He has one younger brother, Michel. Other details about his early life are not enclosed in front of the media and till now he kept private. But his marriage can be discussed here.

Errol married twice, first with Maye Musk and then with Heide Musk, but now he divorced both. But he has one more son from her stepdaughter Jana, that’s why his children hate him and his second wife divorced him.

After that Errol, Jana, and their son Elliot went to Australia. Currently, Errol has no relationship with his family members and he lives a luxurious life.

Errol Musk’s Career

Errol Musk, the richest businessman from South Africa, started his career as an engineer and then stepped into real- estate development. Which money he earns, invest it smartly. That’s why he became a successful man. Today he is the owner of mines and natural- resources infrastructure.

And these are going successful day to day. Now Errol uses his wealth to live a luxurious life. He has an aircraft named Cessna and a yacht.

Errol Musk: Biography

Real Name Errol Graham Musk
Name Errol Musk
Date of Birth 1946
Age 76 years old
Place of birth Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa
Father Walter Henry James Musk
MOther Cora Amelia Robinson 
Brother Michael Musk
Ex-spouses Maye Musk and Heide Musk
Daughter Tosca Musk, Alexandra Ali Musk and Asha Rose Musk
Children Six
Sons Elon Musk, Kimbal Musk and Elliot Rush Musk
Profession Former engineer, Property developer, Consultant, Pilot, and Sailor
Net Worth 20 million USD

Errol Musk’s Net Worth

Errol has welcomed a baby with his stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout.

Errol Musk was a pilot, sailor, and engineer. Today he is the richest man in the world. Aside from this he charges a good amount as property developer and consultant. Now he is retired and enjoying his luxury, but earns a lot of money to spend. Now his net worth is estimated at  20 million USD. He won his personal aircraft and yacht.

Errol Musk’s Legal Affairs

Apparently, a group of people attacked his house in South Africa, and in response, Errol shot three of them on the spot. But he escaped by showing that he shot them in self defense. One Elon, his son, stated that “Almost every crime you can possibly think of, he [Errol] has done.”

Relation of Jana and Errol Musk

Jana is known as the stepdaughter of Musk. Recently she and her father came into controversy because Errol said that Jana’s child’s father is Errol Musk. Listening to this the Musk family broke up relations with Errol. 

Actually, Jana was 4 years old when Errol Musk married her mother. Errol said that Jana never spent time with him as a father. After 18 years of marriage, Errol and Heide got divorced and Jana remained connected with her father. In 2017, Jana’s boyfriend through Jana from home, and at that time he became intimate with Jana.

But now he said he had another child from Jana. This news shocked everyone because at the age of 74 Errol again became a dad.

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