What Is Zach Wilson Net Worth? How Rich is New York Jets Rookie?

One of the New York Jets’ highest-paid players is a rookie quarterback named Zack Wilson. Discover his net worth, his time in the NFL, and more in the following paragraphs! As a 22-year-old born on August 3, 1999, Wilson has gone quickly to the pinnacle of his sport!

He joined the National Football League in 2021, making him one of the highest-paid players in the league’s history, which resulted in a rising Zach Wilson net worth.

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A four-year deal for $35.15 million, with a signing bonus of roughly $23 million, and a fifth-year option were all part of Wilson’s deal with the New York Jets, who selected him second overall in the first round of the NFL draught in the 2021 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. The Jets’ newest layer has seen Zach Wilson’s net worth soar because of such a large salary!

Zach Wilson National Football League Career

The New York Jets chose quarterback Zach Wilson in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft, making him one of just five quarterbacks selected in the first round! On July 29, 2021, he signed a four-year contract with the Jets.

Wilson has played in many games for the New York Jets, but his outstanding performance against the Houston Texans left us speechless!

What Is Zach Wilson Net Worth? How Rich is New York Jets Rookie?
What Is Zach Wilson’s Net Worth? How Rich is New York Jets Rookie?

Zach Wilson and Sam Darnold both made their debuts in the Carolina Panthers win against the New York Jets. Wilson battled the New England Patriots and fellow rookie quarterback Mac Jones during the Jets’ domestic opening in week two. Wilson beat the Tennessee Titans for the first time in his NFL career in Week 4. Wilson threw one interception, giving him the league lead with eight interceptions.

He became the fourth NFL quarterback behind DeShone Kizer, Zach Mettenberger, and Blake Bortles to be intercepted in each of his first five starts when he threw his ninth interception against the Atlanta Falcons in week five.

Zach Wilson Endorsements

BYU product Zach Wilson had already begun promoting himself in the realm of sponsorships and “public relations” just nine days before the 2021 NFL draught. He became the face of the New York Jets, contributing significantly to Zach Wilson’s net worth.

Nike Football has confirmed that Wilson is a member of the company’s family and has endorsed the brand. But wait, there’s more! Chipotle was pleased to announce their partnership as well, commemorating the player with a bowl named after him!

Zach Wilson Relationship

Zach went to the high school located in Corner Canyon. Abbey Gile, his high school lover, was the one he met, and they have been together ever since! Since they were teenagers, the football player has been dating the stunning dancer from Utah.

They haven’t been shy about showing their affection for one other on social media, and they’ve also been wonderfully supportive of each other! Aspirations, right?

Zach Wilson Coach

Former National Football League quarterback John Beck, who has served as current quarterback Zach Wilson’s coach for a considerable time, has been poached by the New York Jets. Beck, who is 40 years old and has a wealth of professional expertise, is well acclaimed for his knowledge of the Jets offense.

From his base in Huntington Beach, California, he works with many quarterbacks in the NFL. He collaborated with Wilson over several years and was integral to the New York Jets’ player evaluation process before the draught.


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According to Jets head coach Robert Saleh, the decision to bring Beck onto the club was made because the Jets were aware of the amount of communication between Wilson and Beck during the season.

Zach Wilson’s Net Worth

In connection with this topic, Zach Wilson’s net worth is between 10 and 11 million dollars as of the current year. Most of his earnings come from his salary and endorsement deals, with additional support from articles and recognitions published in renowned publications and by well-known corporations.

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It is anticipated that he will quickly become the Jets player with the highest annual salary, so we can say that in the coming time, Zach Wilson’s net worth will accumulate.

As was noted before, the billionaire football star has a great deal with the Jets that gives him a total of 58.09 million dollars, including a signing bonus that also includes an optional fifth year which lifts the Zach Wilson net worth! The New York Jets pay Zach Wilson’s net worth yearly, around $8,787,670 on average, for each year of his contract with the team. The quarterback is estimated to have a phenomenal net worth of $10 million, considering his significant income and the lucrative endorsement deals he has signed.

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