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Shinzo Abe is known as the longest-serving Prime Minister of Japan. He was elected to Liberal Democratic Party from 2006-2007. Unfortunately today he got shot behind during a speech in Nara. To know more about this traumatic news read this full article.

Shinzo Abe: Early Life

Shinzo Abe was born on 21 September 1954, in Tokyo. His father is Shintaro Abe. Abe belongs to a political family as well as his grandfather known as the “economy King”. At the time of World War II, he become the vice president of Munthi but got prisoned as a suspect in the world war. Later he was released, after ending the War.

Abe starts his elementary education at Seikei Junior and Senior High School and got a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Seikei University in 1977. In 1979, Shinzo get a mall job in Kobe Steel, and in 1982 he get an offer to become an executive assistant for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and two more options he had.

Shinzo Abe: Career

Abe moved his career to elections after his father’s death in 1993. He was elected by Yamaguchi Prefecture getting the most votes and become the Director of the Social Affairs Division. In 2000 he served as Chief Cabinet Secretary and after that selected as the Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic party. In the following year, several attracted were held on the house of Abe in Shimonoseki, as He denied providing money to his supporter from the same city, who is a real estate broker. In 2006 Abe become the president of LPD the ruling party.

First Time Becoming Prime Minister

In 2006, Abe was elected as the Prime Minister of Japan when he was 52. Abe started work o improve the economic status of the country by selecting a tax policy expert Omi. In 2007, Abe pass a bill, “Fundamental Law of Education” for youth. In 2007 Abe announce a new cabinet after many resignations from previous ministers. But it did not work and due to poor results Abe regain her position. Now Yasuo Fukuda appointed as the new Prime Minister. 

Second-Time Prime Minister

In 2012, Abe has elected again as Prime Minister and he stated that “With the strength of my entire cabinet, I will implement bold monetary policy, flexible fiscal policy, and a growth strategy that encourages private investment, and with these three policy pillars, achieve results.”

Third term as prime minister (2014–2017)

In 2014, history again reprise, Abe was elected as Prime Minister by the member of the representatives. This time he replaced his defense minister Gen Nakatani.

Selected as Prime Minister Fourth Time(2017-2018)

In the 2017 election, Abe was again elected as creating history as remain longest-time prime minister of Japan. But in 2020 he start facing some health problems and he resigned from the post of Prime Minister and Yoshihide Suga was appointed as the new PM.

Shinzo Abe: Personal Life

Abe has an elder brother named Hironobu, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Shoji Packaging Corporation, and his younger brother, Nobuo Kishi worked as Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs. Abe married Akie Matsuzaki in 1987. This couple has no children because of some physical problems which are not treated on time.

Shinzo Abe: Reason Behind Shooting

Shinzo Abe Net Worth, Income, Salary & Latest News
Shinzo Abe is known as the longest-serving Prime Minister of Japan

On 8 July 2022, a wore news came from Japan that at 11:30 according to Japan Standard Time Shinzo Abe was attacked with gunfire two times in his back. It all happened while he delivering a speech near Nara City. Immediately Abe was replaced by a local hospital. A homemade musket firearm was used in the assassin and a 41year person named Tetsuya Yamagami was arrested at the crime scene he confessed his crime to local police.

Yamagami confessed that Abe was connected to the religious group and he just hate religious groups. He has no grudge for Abe personally.

After the shot, Abe was replaced in the hospital but lately, he was declared dead at the age of 67. Sympathy comes from the whole world’s ministers including India.

Shinzo Abe: Net Worth

 Shinzo Abe is served the longest time as Prime Minister post. His net worth is estimated at $ 11 million. His main source is his political earns and salary as Prime Minister. He served Japan as 57th Prime Minister and president of LDP.

 Shinzo Abe: Biography

NameShinzo Abe
FatherShintaro Abe
MotherNot Available
WifiAkie Matsuzaki
Date of BirthSeptember 21, 1954,
Age67 Years
Death8 July 2022 
Net Worth$ 11 million
ProfessionJapanese politician

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