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Boo Bitch Netflix: Release Date Status, Trailer, Cast And Storyline

Lana Condor, who starred in Netflix’s To All the Boys, is returning for her next effort, Boo Bitch, a short-lived comedy series. We’ll keep you updated on all you need to know about Netflix’s upcoming Boo, Bitch. Two of the project’ primary writers will also act as the showrunners for the series, Erin Ehrlich (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, King of the Hill) and Lauren Iungerich (On My Block, Awkward).

Tim Schauer and Kuba Soltysiak, the show’s co-creators and newcomers, rewrote the original script for Boo, Bitch and used it as the basis for their fresh take on the plot. Despite the show’s stated intention to be a one-off, there will be no second season. A total of eight episodes are intended to be produced by Crazy Cat Lady Development.

With Condor, Deadpool’s Jonathon Komack Martin, Blake Goza (The Escort), and The Escort’s Jamie Dooner as executive producers, the team of Ehrlich and Iungerich will serve as showrunners (On My Block). Both Schauer and Soltysiak will serve as co-executive producers. Other details concerning Netflix’s Boo, Bitch include the following:

What is the Release Date of Boo Bitch?

In 2022, on the 8th of July, Netflix will release the film Boo, Bitch. Eight 30-minute episodes will be included in the first release. Netflix has designated the show as a limited series, so it’s not clear if the streaming service intends to release additional episodes. The series’ future performance will most likely determine how many more episodes are produced.

Boo Bitch Storyline

The premise of the limited series hasn’t been revealed much, but we do have a quick overview, thanks to Production Weekly: Erika Vu (Condor) is devastated by the loss. Even though she’s in her final weeks of high school, nobody knows her name, thanks in large part to her persistent tormentor, Riley, the school’s most popular and well-liked girl.

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A major high school party forces Erika to overcome her timidity, and she ends up the talk of the night—even drawing the attention of Riley’s hot ex-boyfriend, Jake C. Even though they are both still groggy the next day, Gia and Erika may be in for a shock when they go looking for Erika’s lost jewelry, and that surprise could take Erika finally back on track in life in an entirely unexpected route.

Who is Cast in Boo Bitch?

Netflix’s Boo, Bitch will be fronted by Lana Condor, best known for her role as Lara Jean in the To All the Boys trilogy at Netflix, according to the streaming service. There has been some discussion on the project and Boo, Bitch in an interview with Travel & Leisure, in which Condor said the following about it. Following is a complete cast list for the show:

Lana Condor – Erika Vu

She is an American actress, producer, and singer, Lana Therese Condor. It was in X-Men: Apocalypse that she made her debut in the role of Jubilee, and it was in All the Boys that she achieved international acclaim for her role as Lara Jean Covey.

Madison Thompson – Emma

She is an American actress, Madison Thompson. For her role as Erin Pierce in Netflix’s Ozark, she is best recognized. NCIS: New Orleans and Kevin Save the World are a few of the shows where she has been as a guest or regular.

Zoe Margaret Colletti – Gia

Actress Zoe Margaret Colletti hails from the USA. Annie was her first significant film role, and she made her television acting debut in the pilot of American Men.

Boo Bitch On Netflix

Aparna Brielle – Riley

Acclaimed American actress Aparna Brielle NBC’s A.P. Bio features her as Sarika Sarkar, the show’s lead character.

Various Members of the Cast:

How Many Episodes Will Be in Boo Bitch?

Variety has reported that Netflix has ordered an eight-episode run of Boo, Bitch, indicating that it will be a short-lived series. A half-hour is allotted for each episode.

Is There a Trailer For Boo Bitch?

The Boo, Bitch teaser dropped on Netflix on June 13th, and it’s packed with snark, levity, and drool-worthy ‘fits. We learn about the occult and summer camp as we meet Erika and her companions. In the words of Netflix, “Something naughty this way comes.”

What is the Production Status of Boo Bitch?

A report in Production Weekly’s 1253 edition stated this. The filming of Boo, Bitch began towards the end of August 2021. Although no filming dates have been announced by IMBd Pro, the project’s status was changed to “Post-Production” on May 13th.

It’s reasonable to presume that filming has been completed, given that the project was last mentioned to be in pre-production on August 29, 2021.

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