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Vince McMahon’s net worth (2022 Updated) – How Rich is the McMahon Actually in 2022?

Vince McMahon known as a multi-tasking celebrity belongs to America. Worked as chairman and CEO of WWE, one of the biggest promoters of wrestling in the world. Alpha Entertainment is also established by Vince.

He is the oldest person in McMohan’s family who is still connected to WWE. In this post, you can read every single detail and some useful facts about Vince McMohan, so read this carefully.

Vince McMahon’s Early Life

Vincent Kennedy McMohan

Vince McMahon was born as Vincent Kennedy McMohan on 1945, 24 August at Pinehurst, North Carolina. His parents are Victoria and Vincent James McMahon and he was a younger son. When he was a little baby his father went with his brother Roderic James and Vince saw his dad when he was twelve.

Vince’s grandparents were also promoters of the Roderick James “Jess” McMahon, so he get a strong background. His childhood name was Vinnie Lupton.

In fact, he stated that his stepfather Leo Lupton beat his mother and when he tried to save her also attacked him, but,  “It is unfortunate that he died before I could kill him. I would have enjoyed that.” He completes his education at Fishburne Military School, Virginia.

Vince McMahon’s Career

McMahon starts his career as a commentator offscreen in 1971. But in 1977 he saw on tv as a host and commentator. From 1997, he was referred to as the owner of the WWE and from now he recognized as Mr. McMahon. A fight was held between Dude Love and Austin in which, McMahon assists Dude.

The dude won the math because he attack Austin when he attacked McMahon with a chair. But a rematch was held again and Austin gave Stone Cold Stunnerto Dude and won the title. Then a triple match was held by McMahon among Undertaker, Kane, and Austin, in which Austin lose the title.

McMahon arrange a ceremony to lunched Undertaker and Kane as the champion of WWE, but Austin attracted him and both the champion could not save him. From 2000- 2001 The Rock won the WWE title against Big Show. In 2000, Kin of the Ring was held among sex champions McMahon, Shane, Triple H., Undertaker, Kane, also The Rock. Who made scoring painful world be the WWE champion.

At Royal Rumble, McMahon faced Ric Flair and Flair won the match, and now SmackDown’s owner was McMahon, and the owner of Raw was Flair. After some time McMahon defeated Flair and become the owner of WWE. After that many times, he comes to the field to win matches and lose.

In 2018, he appeared with Roman Range. Vince returned again on Monday Night Raw, with son Shane and daughter Stephanie. IN 2019 at WrestleMania, a WWE match was held between Daniel Bryen and Kofi Kingston. In 2021 he appeared in the retirement celebration of Undertaker.

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 Vince McMahon’s Personal Life

McMahon get married in 1966 to Linda Edwards and this couple has two children Shane and Stephaine. Both are involved with WWE till now in onscreen and off-screen roles. But Vince and Linda get separated without divorcing each other.

Vince McMahon’s  Legal Affairs


McMahon several times comes into controversies during his career. In 1993, he come into the spotlight with his wife Linda due to a steroid controversy and was accused of giving his wrestler steroid. As one of his wrestlers named, Kevin Wachoz go against him when Vince ordered him to take steroids.

 Vince McMahon’s Achievements

Vince achieve everything during his career and won prizes such as Best Non-wrestling Performer of The Decade in 2010 from Th Baltimore Sun. From  World Wrestling Entertainment he gets ECW World Championship, WWE Championship, and Royal Rumble. Best Booker, Best Non-wrestler, and Best Promoter from Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards.

Vince McMahon’s Net Worth

Vince’s net worth is estimated at $2 billion, which a very tough to catch as he is the owner of WWE. His other source of income is related to his real estate. As he has a penthouse of $12 million and other investments in WWE shares.

Vince McMahon’s Biography


Name Vince McMahon
Full name Vincent Kennedy McMohan
Mother Name Victoria 
Father Name Vincent James McMahon
Date of Birth 1945, 24 August
Wifi Linda Edwards
Children Shane and Stephaine
Net Worth $ 2 billion
Age 82 Years

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