Kyle Forgeard Net Worth, Earnings, Early Life, Personal Life, Youtube Career, and Others

Kyle Forgeard is the co-founder and leader of the YouTube prank group “NELK”. He is a content creator and social media personality who has been slowly establishing his name since 2015. Kyle is involved with the brand Full Send Entertainment. 

In this article, we will cover the net worth of Kyle Forgeard and many more.

What Is the Net Worth of Kyle Forgeard?

According to several estimates, the net worth of Kyle Forgeard is said to be around $1.5 million as of 2022.

Early Life

Kyle Forgeard was born on July 12, 1994, in Canada. He was brought up in Mississauga, Ontario. He is the child of Rick and Gayle and also has a sister, Chantal.

He attended Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School and completed his graduation from there. Kyle then attended Ryerson University to continue his further studies. He studied filmmaking. At the time, he started his YouTube channel named “NELK” with his twin friends, Marko and Niko Martinovic.

The rising creator posted a video of himself serenading ladies in the university lecture halls whilst still a student. He apparently left his studies in order to pay his full attention to his YouTube career.

YouTube Career

Kyle Forgeard earned his net worth over the years. He started his YouTube Channel under the name “Nelk” in 2010. They used to upload prank videos and vlogs from the beginning. They are focused on collegiate culture in North America and make videos of the group’s party lifestyle and their classic stunts.

Initially, the channel took time to grow and gained subscribers. It wasn’t until five years after its set up that they started to gain actual grip. He gained popularity after he shared a video in which he pranks cops by saying that they have coke in his vehicle.

Following this, they went on to do what they embarked on from the start and now with a huge following. The channel “NELK” currently has 7.41 million subscribers.

Full Send

The Nelk boys are also popular for integrating the colloquial term “Full Send,” which became their entertainment brand’s name later. Kyle established the definition of the slang, which necessarily means, whatever activity you do, give it your best.

Forgeard and his friends own the clothing line, Full Send. It became popular when they introduced limited-edition Supreme-style drops. They also own the Happy Dad hard seltzer company.

We know that Kyle Forgeard is one of the main faces of NELK and Full Send Entertainment, he often co-hosts the Full Send Podcast. A special guest appears at each session. Donald Trump, and Donald Trump Jr., are among those well-known personalities who have been invited to the show. This has helped Kyle Forgeard to earn the net worth that he enjoys today.

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth
Kyle Forgeard


Their YouTube campaigns and activities earn Kyle and his colleagues nearly $100,000 per month, receiving nearly 7 million views per week. Though, their channel doesn’t share a good relationship with YouTube as some of their videos have been demonetized.

Luckily, Kyle and his team managed to create a successful direct-to-consumer enterprise which has brought Forgeard to be named in the Forbes 30 under 30. 

Personal Life

Kyle Forgeard prefers to stay tight-lipped about his personal life. But it has been rumored that he is single as of now.  say that Forgeard is single at the moment. 

Kyle Forgeard has earned himself a good fortune with a net worth from his YouTube career majorly. Stay tuned to our website to get all the latest updates.

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