Will Plan B Still Be Available in Texas?

With Roe vs. Wade overruled, Texas stands prepared to prohibit almost all abortions within the coming few months. However, birth control and emergency contraceptives, usually regarded as Plan B, are disparate from the drugs utilized to get an abortion. 

In the same decision that overturned Roe, the U.S. Supreme Court was certain that the constitutional right to get contraceptives are still unchanged, but a justice stated he would accept objections to that right.

If you have had unprotected sexual intercourse and aren’t planning to conceive, you may be in search of emergency contraception. The safe and effective method is the “morning-after pill”.

Levonorgestrel morning-after pills, such as Plan B, are the most popular emergency contraceptives whereas the other methods such as the Ella pill and the copper intrauterine device are popularly called an IUD.

In an interview, Dr. Meera Shah, chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic in New York, said that “these emergency contraceptives won’t have an impact on an existing pregnancy, they prevent a pregnancy from occurring.”

Usually, Plan B and other levonorgestrel pills are the easiest to get as these are available without a prescription at local drug stores or online.

Yet, difficulties in getting such emergency contraception persist, and the obstacles are different for everyone. The price of $40 to $50 for Plan B may not be affordable for a lot of people. In some states, conscience clauses allow pharmacists to decline to sell the pill. Also, levonorgestrel can be less effective for those who weigh above 165 pounds.

Because of Supreme Court’s decision that canceled the constitutional right to abortion, people around the country can still buy and get emergency contraception such as morning-after pills.

However, a lot of them are concerned about what the overturn of the 1973 landmark Roe v. Wade case could mean for other rights protected under the right to privacy, along with contraception.

Where can you access Plan B? Will it be effective? Read the full article below to know everything. 

What Is Plan B?

A morning-after pill is oral emergency contraception that can be taken within 5 days of having unprotected sex (that also includes the failed method of birth control like a ripped condom or missing a birth control pill) to decrease pregnancy risk.

2 types of morning-after pills are there: levonorgestrel pills and the ulipristal acetate-based Ella pill. Plan B is possibly the most common levonorgestrel pill in the United States.

As per Planned Parenthood, consuming a levonorgestrel morning-after pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex reduces the risk of getting pregnant by 75 to 89 percent. Apart from Plan B One-Step, common brands are Take Action, My Choice, AfterPill, Preventeza, After a, My Way, Option 2, and EContra One-Step.

Will Plan B Still Be Available in Texas?
Plan B

Where Can I Get Plan B?

Plan B or other levonorgestrel pills are available at your local drug store or pharmacy. These can also be ordered online.

No prescription is required to buy Levonorgestrel in the U.S. 

How Can I Get Plan B for Free? Is It Covered by Insurance?

Plan B’s price usually varies from $40 to $50, but some generic brands are also available for a lesser amount. Planned Parenthood confirms that all brand-name and generic levonorgestrel morning-after pills are effective.

Shah states that “cost is the big barrier,” continuing that it is important to know available options.

Health insurance may help you with the cost. There are many insurance plans under which you can get morning-after pills for free that include Medicaid in a few states. However, if you are taking help from insurance, you will need a prescription from a doctor or nurse so that the pill will be covered. You can reach out to your provider to confirm.

There are a few health centers, along with Planned Parenthood that provides morning-after pills for free or at a lesser price.

Shah suggests purchasing one or two morning-after pills or getting a prescription in advance and you will be set whenever you need it. 

Do I Need to Be 18 to Buy Plan B? What Are Conscience Clauses?

There are no such criteria of age with regard to getting Plan B. You just need to be able to get Plan B and other levonorgestrel morning-after pills notwithstanding your age.

But some state laws can become barriers to getting Plan B. For example, “Conscience clauses,” allow pharmacists and other health care providers the right to decline to fill emergency contraception and contraception prescriptions if it breaches their religious or personal beliefs.

As per the National Conference of State Legislatures, conscience clauses were first incorporated in many states considering the landmark Roe decision, enabling physicians to decline to perform an abortion and hospitals to restrict abortions performed on their premises. Protections for declining to offer emergency contraception, along with morning-after pills, soon followed.

Conscience clause law can be different in some states, however, some states with such protection are South Dakota, Arizona, Idaho, and Texas.

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