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The Son season 3 Release date, cast, plot, and trailer

The Son is American Western drama television series that premiered in 2017. It was an AMC series. Basically, its ground was prepared on the novel of the same name written by Philipp Meyer. Its two seasons were released and now it’s come to know about the third season.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the upcoming season of The Son, the plot, cast, release date, and trailer. To know everything read this full article.

The Son Season 3: Plot

Hey friends, let’s talk about The Son’s 3 plot but first reprise The Son 2 story. The base of this sequel is prepared from the novel “The Son” winner of the Pulitzer Prize by Philipp Meyer. The plot of the show revolves around an extended family from 150 years ago and now its third generation was described here as the McCullough family.

In this show Eli McCullough. Chief of charismatic family, expressed how he convert from an innocent nature to a serial killer. In this way, 20 episodes were completed by this series from 2017 to 2019.

Episodes List:

Here is the list of season 1:

No. Title  Directed by Teleplay by
1. “First Son of Texas” Tom Harper Philipp Meyer, Brian McGreevy, and Lee Shipman
2. “The Plum Tree” Kevin Dowling Daniel C. Connolly
3. “Second Empire” Kevin Dowling Kevin Murphy & Cami DeLavigne
4. “Death Song” Olatunde Osunsanmi Smith Henderson & Philipp Meyer
5. “No Prisoners” Olatunde Osunsanmi Brian McGreevy & Lee Shipman
6. “The Buffalo Hunter” Jeremy Webb Julia Ruchman
7. “Marriage Bond” Jeremy Webb Kevin Murphy & Julia Ruchman
8. “Honey Hunt” John David Coles Daniel C. Connolly
9. “The Prophecy” Tom Vaughan Julia Ruchman
10. “Scalps” Tom Vaughan Philipp Meyer, Brian McGreevy, & Kevin Murphy

Here is the list of Season2 2:

No. Titel Directed by Teleplay By
1. “Numunuu” Kevin Dowling Kevin Murphy
2. “Ten Dollars and a Plucked Goose” Kevin Dowling Daniel C. Connolly
3. “The Blind Tiger” Kevin Dowling Anne-Marie Hess
4. “Scalped a Dog” Omar Madha Wes Brown
5. “Hot Oil” Omar Madha Melanie Marnich
6. “Scalped a Dog” Ellen Kuras Julia Ruchman
7. “Somebody Get a Shovel” Ellen Kuras Robert Askins
8. “All Their Guilty Stains” Jeremy Webb Kevin Murphy & Nick Muelle
9. “The Bear” Jeremy Webb Julia Ruchman
10. “Legend” Dan Sackheim Kevin Murphy

The Son Season 3: Cast

The Son Season 3

Now I will explain the show’s cast. As you see in the previous season Pierce Brosnan play the lead role, so that, in this upcoming season we can expect the same lead actor. Below you can read the all-star cast of the show.

The Son Season 3:  Releasing Date

As we all know at end of the second season, The Son was alive and he was handed to another family, there is some hope that the production team wanted to work on it once again.

The Son’s first season was premiered on April 8, 2017, and the second season was premiered on April 27, 2019. Now we come to know from our internal sources that its third season must come in 2023.

Hence there is no trailer officially launched and the audience is waiting for season three.  Hope you like it. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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