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7 Greatest Movies About Education on Netflix

The way that college and university students are educated these days has changed from the old fashion way where if one wants to learn, they have to be in a classroom. These days thanks to advancements in technology, students can be taught via various online platforms like Zoom and Skype. The role of teachers has changed over the last few years with them playing more of a supporting role.

Even when students are at home, they can learn from entertainment platforms such as Netflix. Lauren Bradshaw, a professional essay writer from CustomWritings, has looked into the 7 greatest movies about education on Netflix, and we are going to shed some light on her insights into the best educational movies to watch.

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The 7 Best Educational Movies Students Can Find on Netflix

Colleges and universities are doing everything they can to incorporate technology to better educate their students. They are using things like apps and projectiles to give students a chance to watch various educational movies that will inspire them to be productive members of society.

Some students might find it hard to learn new things and letting them watch movies is one of the best ways to help them further their education. The watch list below is what every student should have on their Netflix list.

Freedom Writer

The first movie that any student should have on their list is the amazing Freedom Writer and according to many people, it is one of the most inspirational movies out there. The reason why it is looked at in the light is that it follows the story of a teacher who does everything they can to make sure that the students she teaches receive quality education to take them places.

The early school days of any school can be some of the most challenging, but this movie promotes a never give up attitude. Many students have credited this movie for allowing them to go out there to chase their dreams and work hard.

The Paper Chase

Life can throw obstacles in someone’s way and if they feel like they are not getting anything, it can be hard to stay motivated. The perfect movie for anyone who needs some extra motivation to sidestep hurdles is called the Paper Chaser. This incredible movie looks at the amazing story of James T. Hart who had to overcome multiple challenges and be successful despite a rocky start to the year at Havard.


The Pursuit of Happiness

There are not many movies as inspirational as the Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith and Jayden Smith, who had breakout roles in this movie. The movie tells a story about a salesman struggling to get by in life sleeping rough but eventually gathers enough power through hard work and determination to overcome his problems and be a very rich man.

The message is very clear and encourages people to not give up on any dreams they have despite the multiple obstacles they might face. Will Smith and Jayden captured the heart of so many people with their memorable performances in telling this amazing story of a man who persevered and didn’t miss any opportunity that was presented to him.


A lot of people love this drama movie because it was based on a book and follows the story of a young girl who was abused sexually, physically, and mentally when she was young. The movie is all about a teacher who inspires this young abused victim to improve her life and those of her kids. It is a great movie that inspires students who watch it to never give up and fight their way through any difficult circumstances including abuse to elevate not just their life but those they bring to this world too.

Life of Pi

When this movie was first announced and people so the promo posters, audiences and critics didn’t know what to expect, but this turned out to be a massive hit at the box office when came out in 2012.

This movie tells a story of a 16-year-old boy who survives a shipwreck after his family sadly perishes. It is a great inspiration tale that teaches students about the importance of believing in themselves, the power of the will to survive, and learning to move on from tragic circumstances.

Dead Poets Society

The sixth movie that students should have on their list is Dead Poets Society and this one follows the story of a tutor who inspires the students he is mentoring to take on challenges through his poetic approach.

The one and only Robin Williams, who plays the role of the tutor very well, and his unconventional way of teaching students is truly inspirational for those who have watched this film from start to finish. It is seen as one of the best American drama movies of all time by audiences and critics with Williams receiving universal praise.

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Good Will Hunting

Last on the list is the classic Good Will Hunting which many people also see as one of the greatest movies of all time featuring A-listers such as Robin Willams, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon. The movie follows the story of young Will Hunting who is a mathematical wizard until he faces an emotional crisis.

It is through this crisis that he meets a therapist who helps them recover. This movie inspires students to not give up on something that they are good at despite a mental breakdown and there is help out there should one need it.

There are thousands of movies on Netflix that are educational, but these are the best of the bunch and will help any student stay motivated and have a bright future. These movies also do a great job of educating young students on the importance of hard work, teamwork, and not giving up.

Thanks to the recent advancement we have seen in technology over the years, tutors and essay writing services can show these amazing works of art in classrooms during lessons or share links for students to watch when they are at home.

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