Charles Payne Net Worth, Early Life, Personal Life, Career, and Others

Charles Payne is a Fox Business Network financial journalist and also hosts Fox’s Making Money with Charles Payne. 

In this article, we will cover Charles Payne’s net worth, early life, personal life, career, and many more.

Charles Payne’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated net worth of Charles Payne is $12 million. Prior to working for the Fox Business Network, he worked as an analyst at EF Hutton on Wall Street, and set up the stock market research firm “Wall Street Strategies”. Charles Payne earns an amount of $4 million per year from Fox Business which has contributed a lot to his net worth.

After taking a dig at his net worth, let us take a look at Charles Payne’s childhood and early life.

Early Life

Charles was born in New York City on November 15, 1960. At the age of 17, he enrolled in the United States Air Force. He then became a security policeman at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. When he was serving there, he attended Minot State University and Central Texas College for his further studies.

Personal Life

Charles Payne is married to Yvonne with whom he has one child Cael and he also has a stepson Austin. Currently, the family lives in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Career Beginnings

Charles Payne started his career in 1985 on Wall Street as an analyst at the stock brokerage firm EF Hutton. In 1991, he set up the stock market research firm Wall Street Strategies; later, he started working as the firm’s principal financial analyst and chief executive officer. All these works helped Charles Payne in building his net worth and wealth.

SEC Complaint

In 1999, Charles landed into trouble with the SEC, when a complaint was filed by the agency reporting that his firm Wall Street Strategies utilized several recorded telephone messages to suggest that its clients acquire members’ stock. In addition, the SEC accused Charles could not disclose the truth that he got member payments to market the members’ stock.

Charles Payne Net Worth
Charles Payne

However, he neither declined nor confirmed the accusations, Charles agreed to a permanent order against breach of the Securities Act of 1933’s Section 17(b), and also agreed to make a payment of $25,000 as a civil penalty.

Fox Business Network

Charles started off as a contributor to the Fox Business Network in 2007. After seven years, he started working as the host of his own show named “Making Money with Charles Payne.”

Charles is popular for making many false or misleading assertions on the program; among them, he stated that the market crashed because of Obama being elected president in 2008 and this was dismissed by financial experts as a false correlation.

Elsewhere on Fox, Charles is a frequent guest host on the news and talk show “Varney & Co.” He has also made appearances on the shows titled “Bulls and Bears,” “Cavuto on Business,” and “Cashin In.”

Rape Allegation

In July 2017, the Fox Business Network suspended Charles after former network guest Scottie Nell Hughes made rape allegations against him. The accusation was denied by Payne, however, he confessed that he was in a relationship with Hughes for three years.

Scottie stated that Fox barred her following she made the accusation. Fox Business withdrew Charles’ suspension after an investigation that lasted for 2 months.

Other Endeavors

Apart from Wall Street and Fox Business, Charles wrote the book named “Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich: Your Game Plan for Getting it Right in the Stock Market” which was launched in 2007. Charles went on to appear many times on C-SPAN among his other media endeavors.

Charles Payne has earned a net worth of $12 million over the years of his career. We will keep you updated with all the latest information until then stay tuned to our website.