Watchos 9: All the Features Coming to Your Apple Watch

Apple usually launches the next-generation Apple Watch series in autumn with an upgraded version of watchOS, the operating system modeled to power the Apple Watch.

The upgraded software is called watchOS 9 for 2022, which was previewed by Apple during WWDC this month and gave us a brief about the characteristics of the Apple Watch in 2023. 

Here’s what we know regarding watchOS 9, its features, launch date, and compatible models.

Release Date

On June 6, 2022, the watch was unveiled at WWDC and the beta version of this upcoming device is expected to launch probably by next month.

We cannot expect an official launch for all newer Apple Watch models until autumn. 

How to Try the Public Beta?

The public beta for the device isn’t available yet and perhaps it will be made available by next month following the developer beta. We will update this section as it is made available.

Currently, you will be able to install it easily and rapidly. To download it, visit the website for Apple’s beta software program and follow the instructions. It wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to finish the process.

Which Apple Watches Are Compatible?

Apple Watch 4 and newer along with the SE are compatible with watchOS 9. The latest Apple Watch 7 and in fact the Apple Watch SE (2020) also support it.


During WWDC, Apple previewed watchOS 9 and gave us an insight into the characteristics that the Apple Watch will bring for us next year. Have a look at those features below.


The updated Workout app will come with watchOS 9 along with the power to track more when you are working out using the Digital Crown.

You can also personalize your workouts by tailoring work and recovery time, and Heart Rate Zones will be calculated and customized automatically with the help of your health data.

Other Workout updates are Multisport that switches between running, swimming, and cycling, Kickboard addition (swimming with a float) being identified automatically and there are several running updates as well.

The update will provide you immediate feedback to help in reaching your goals and the other includes an updated workout summary and the launch of a metric named Running Power.


The updates in the Health app in iOS 16 and watchOS 9, include a Medications category to help you in keeping check and track your medications. You can log them directly from Reminders, and from your wrist.


The update in sleep tracking with this device on the Apple Watch and brings REM, Core, and Deep sleep information to the Apple Watch, along with when you were up, providing a graph similar to that of the Fitbit devices.

Watchos 9: All the Features Coming to Your Apple Watch
All the Features Coming to Your Apple Watch

You can also track your sleep over time with comparison charts in the Health application on your iPhone, enabling you to check metrics such as heart rate and respiratory rate.

Watch Faces

Along with the significant software updates, it will also have new Watch Faces. There are many faces that include Metropolitan, Playtime, and Astronomy. A Lunar face is also there to celebrate calendar timekeeping with the use of moon phases with 3 different calendars: Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic.

This device will also support more Watch faces to help with rich complications and the Portraits will also be updated which will enable you to keep your dog or cat on it and utilize the editing mode to include a tint to the background of a picture.

You can personalize your watch face with different colors and gradients on the Modular Compact, Modular and XLarge faces.

Family Setup

Another update of watchOS 9 is it has new functions for children with Apple Watches with no iPhone.


Apple Watch already has some great accessibility features however, watchOS 9 will have the option to double pinch to begin a workout or capture a picture.

It also has a feature of Apple Watch Mirroring that will connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone and enable you to control it completely with the use of assistive features on the iPhone such as Switch Control and Voice Control.


There is a slight change in Notifications with watchOS 9. Notifications will pop up as banners when you use your Watch and when your wrist is down, notifications will pop up as full-screen.


There will also be some new features on the Calendar app with this upcoming device. You can create new events using your Watch and navigate to particular days and weeks simpler from the View Options menu.

Apple Fitness+

New trainer call-outs are being included in Fitness+, so you will see Intensity Metrics that are highlighted on screen, notwithstanding that’s iPhone or a compatible TV that you have AirPlayed your workout too.

Trainers will also offer cycling, rowing, and treadmill instruction with this forthcoming device, like strokes per minute for rowing and cadence for cycling.

Rumored Features

There are a few features that are being speculated for the upcoming Apple Watch model, though remain unconfirmed by Apple despite the watchOS 9 previews.

Body Temperature Readings

Bloomberg reports claimed there could be 3 Apple Watch models that have features of a body temperature sensor and if this turns out to be true, then we may have software features on watchOS 9 to allow this special new hardware.

Glucose Monitoring 

Bloomberg has claimed a glucose sensor might not appear on the Apple Watch for years to come, despite rumors claiming it could show up on the Series 8. Either way, if this Apple Watch does have a glucose sensor, watchOS 9 will bring software features that enable you to easily review when your blood sugar spikes or drops.

Car Crash Detection

As per reports from The Wall Street Journal, Apple is looking to introduce a new feature for the iPhone and Apple Watch that can tell whether you have been in a car accident and dial emergency services automatically.