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How much Is Bantam Bagels Net Worth? Founders Name and more!



What is Bantam Bagels?

Bantam Bagels is a food company that served food in its retail outlets making a good net worth. It is prominent after the funding from the Shark Tank and built a big empire. The company served a variety of delicious food items sold through its small shops. The company got a boost due to its product quality and great taste.

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Who is the founder of Bantam Bagels?

Nick and Elyse Oleksak was the founder of Bantam Bagels who started the business without net worth and now it is a big brand due to their hard work. They started the food company in 2013 without knowing the future. Still, the company is growing under the brand name Bantam Bagels and is listed in the prestigious food companies’ lobby.

Bantam Bagels Founders
Bantam Bagels Founders

Bantam Bagels Founders Statement

We began with insanely delicious homemade bagels from our Brooklyn apartment. Setting out on a mission to change the way people eat an iconic food, in less than 4 years we took our homemade bagels and opened a shop on Bleecker Street, caused a national disruption in the bagel market, and grew our distribution from that tiny Bleecker Street shop to two product lines in over 16,000 stores nationwide (not to mention, having two babies along the way!.

Bantam Bagels Net Worth

By far the most entrepreneurial lesson we’ve learned is that it’s not all about selling, but actually about connecting. Food is so personal and we feel lucky to be able to connect with our customers every day in the most personal of ways through the products we take so much pride in making. We wanted to carve out a special section on our website and dedicate it to the dreamer, hustler, “work-harder-than-everyone-else” – the entrepreneur. We want to share excerpts from our own journey with the hopes that we can inspire, teach, or simply entertain the people who are eating our products and making our dreams come true. I hope you enjoy it!

Who bought Bantam Bagels after the shark tank funding?

Bantam Bagels won funding from Lori Greiner to expand its business to retail. Five years after Nick and Elyse Oleksak pursued a literal dream of stuffed bagels to found Bantam Bagels with a big net worth. The couple sold the business to T. Marzetti Company is owned by the publicly traded Lancaster Colony Corporation for $34 million. 
Did Starbucks discontinue Bantam Bagels?
Starbucks recently discontinued their beloved Bantam Bagels. As a college student, these Bantam Bagels were quick, easy, and delicious to grab right before walking to class for breakfast, a middle-of-the-day pick-me-up, or just to enjoy. Even the Starbucks employees are upset about these being discontinued!
How much is Bantam Bagels net worth? 

Bantam Bagels, the Greenwich Village bagel shop that stuffs flavored cream cheeses inside bagel balls, has sold for $34 million. Bedore selling brand Bantam Bagels has a good net worth.

Bantam Bagels Food Product Reviews

Kaitlyn S.:-Service was great everyone was so nice and helpful. The bagels are little round donut hole size bagels filled with cream cheese. I think mine was overly warmed up and got a little burnt. I think the bagels could also be good if they weren’t all warmed up and toasted. But they were good and with a try.

Delaney L.:-Love the backstory … store is super cute inside but not sure I fell in love with the product. I tried 7 flavors with a friend, definitely liked the “everybody’s favorite” as the name suggests but the rest just left a bit to be desired in my opinion.

Gracie:-We just bought these and they’re very good! I was a little ruffled after reading the directions and saw that we had to defrost the box overnight so I did an experiment and put a few in the microwave on the defrost cycle, they came out perfectly soft in 1 minute so I baked them as directed and they were delicious. That night I put the rest in the fridge and the first batch came out just as good so it’s a total win! These little bites are soft, pillowy, and creamy with veggie cream cheese inside and a nice crusty exterior with just the right amount of everything seasoning, simply delish!
Every initiative may be converted into an opportunity. But we will have to stay with determination and grab the chance to millions of dollars in business. We know very well it was not easy for everyone but yes, one-day hard work and failure experience give than a person’s expectation.
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