Is Randy Chrisley Alive Or Not? What Happened To Him?

Known as Todd Chrisley’s brother, Randy Chrisley is a well-known real estate tycoon and rising fashion star. In the wake of his participation as the star of the hit reality series Chrisley Knows Best, businessman Chrisley achieved enormous notoriety. Todd’s wealthy Christian family is profiled in the show.

While Randy hasn’t been on the market as long as his brother, he has garnered some media attention in the past. In 2016, he was detained on suspicion of shoplifting.

Pamela Chrisley, his wife, and Todd Chrisley’s sister-in-law, also became engaged in the Chrisley family court drama after extorting money from Todd Chrisley through blackmail. Learn more about Randy, including his current health status!

Randy Chrisley Parents

Todd Chrisley’s younger brother, Chrisley, has brought him to the attention of the public. Father Gene Raymond Chrisley was a Westminster High School alumnus, and his mother Faye Chrisley was born in Westminster, South Carolina.

Gene, unfortunately, died on July 11th, 2012, at Emory University Hospital, at the age of 77. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and received a bronze star for his service. Leonard A. and Allie Mae Childers Chrisley were his grandparents.

Todd posted a snapshot of himself and his brother from their childhood on Instagram in January 2020. In the caption, he stated that their mother used to work ten hours a day in order to provide for them.

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Randy Chrisley Education and Other Details

In 1984, Todd Chrisley’s brother went to West-Oak High School in Westminster, where he grew up. He is of Caucasian ancestry and American nationality.

Randy Chrisley Career

When Randy first tried his hand at real estate, he didn’t fare as well as his brother Todd, according to reports. RS service is where he presently works. Since that time in August of 2001, he’s been a part of it.

Chrisley Asset Management (which Todd owns) is owned by his other brother. According to court filings, the corporation has been in decline for some time now.

Randy Chrisley’s Brother Derrick Chrisley, Died At Young Age

There was allegedly a second Todd sibling, according to several tabloids. He was apparently Derrick Chrisley, but he died at a young age, according to the reports. Todd, on the other hand, has made no statements about the existence of his reported deceased sibling.

A few months after Derrick’s birth, he was found dead on October 23, 1971, according to reports.

 Who Is Randy Chrisley’s Wife?

A lovely wedding ceremony was held in August 2012 for him and his unusual wife Pamela Chrisley, surrounded by family and close friends. The couple kept their relationship out of the public eye at all times.

After a few years of being together romantically, they decided to get married. In the mid-2010s, Randy filed for divorce from his wife of six years. Neither of them had a family.

On the other hand, Chrisley has an adult son from his former marriage. He has kept his child’s identity a secret. In addition, he has not been able to locate the identity of his biological mother.

Randy Chrisley’s Ex-Wife Pamela Was Arrested For Harassment

Back in 2016, Pamela Chrisley was arrested for attempting to extort money from her brother-in-law Todd Chrisley and his family. According to authorities, the woman was arrested on March 4th and charged with second-degree harassment, which they confirmed to the media. On the same day, she was released on $1,000 bail.

Unless hush money was paid into her account, Pamela threatened to sell a story to the National Enquirer that would damage the Chrisley name, according to documents acquired by Fox Carolina.

On March 5th, Todd posted a lengthy Instagram message announcing the dreadful news. Additionally, he mentioned that Pamela was wanted on extortion charges in the caption.

Randy Chrisley’s Own Legal Drama

As 2016 came to a close, Randy found himself the target of widespread criticism after he was accused of catching a shoplifter in South Carolina. Several $22 worth of candy was found in his jeans, according to the report.

It wasn’t long before Chrisley had jumped the queue and started “going briskly towards the back of the store carrying a pushchair.”

Upon questioning, Randy admitted that he had, quote, “placed the candy in his pants with the intent to walk out of the store without paying for them.”

Randy Chrisley Net Worth

The estimated 2022 monetary position of Randy Chrisley is $100,000. His reality star sibling, on the other hand, has a net worth of zero. As of 2012, he claimed $4.2 million in assets and more than $50 million in debt when he filed for bankruptcy.

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Randy Chrisley Death: What Happened?

Stage four cancer was found in Todd Chrisley’s younger brother Randy at the beginning of the year. According to Todd’s representative,

Randy Chrisley, Todd Chrisley’s younger brother, has been diagnosed with stage four cancer, according to an insider.

After that, he was put through chemo. As of now, reports claim Randy has made a full recovery and is living a healthy life.