Shamicka Gibbs: Early Life, Relationships, Marriage Details, and More

Martin Lawrence’s ex-wife, Shamicka Gibbs, is a renowned Hollywood performer. For many years, Martin has been in numerous critically praised films and television productions, including the Fox sitcom Martin and the Bad Boys franchise. In terms of their personal lives, Gibbs and Lawrence had the longest marriage until it ended in divorce. Shamicka and her ex-husband have two children together.

Shamicka participated in VH1’s popular reality show “Hollywood Exes” after their divorce. Several other well-known ex-celebrity wives were on the show with her. Aside from that, the TV personality has dabbled in the realm of business, starting a meal delivery service and a spice company using only organic and natural ingredients. There’s a lot to learn about Martin Lawrence’s second wife Shamicka, from her Lupus and Celiac illness diagnoses to her relationship with food. Look a little closer!

Who Is Shamicka Gibbs?

Shamicka Gibbs, a 43-year-old American chef, entrepreneur, reality TV star, and former musician, was born on November 11, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, under the water sign of Scorpio. She is best known to the public as the ex-wife of Martin Lawrence, an actor, director, and producer. Before filing for divorce in 2012, the couple had been together for 15 years.

She has since established herself as an accomplished artist and gained a following thanks to her diverse talents. Fans are familiar with her from the reality show “Hollywood Exes,” in which she was a major player. For the past few years, she’s been working on perfecting her cooking talents and creating a wide variety of gluten-free dishes. She also runs a network of spas, teaches cooking classes, and organizes events. An inspiration in every sense of the word.

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Shamicka Gibbs Early Life

Gibbs was nurtured in her birthplace by parents with still undisclosed names and professions. Despite being connected with one of the most recognized comedians of all time, she managed to maintain a very low profile when it came to her personal life. Fans and journalists alike have made countless attempts to learn more about her upbringing and family, but she has always graciously refused to discuss anything other than her professional life. She attended Leuzinger High School in Lawndale, California, matriculating in 1993; no more records of her schooling are available, therefore it’s assumed that she has abandoned any post-secondary study.
When she was a young girl, one of her greatest interests was music, so she left home after high school and began pursuing a career in the music industry. Shamicka was busy networking and creating business ties until one event didn’t turn out the way she intended.

Shamicka Gibbs Career

Shamicka describes herself on her Instagram account as a multi-talented woman who excels in a range of disciplines. Her bio stated that she was a “Proud Owner of 10 Massage Envy’s, Television Personality and Lupus Warrior. A meal service business that sells organic and gluten-free herbs and spices are owned by Gibbs. Clicking and Conversing, a company owned by the businesswoman, is another business venture. Doing business as Don’t Hurt Your Tongue Baby is Shamicka Lawerence’s name for her company. Her kitchen is the source of all the organic, natural spices she uses in her business. “Joyfullygifted” is Shamicka’s T-shirt line, and she is the CEO of SS Lawrence Collection, LLC. The CEO of F8th Unit LLC, Martin’s ex-girlfriend, has been in place since 2012.

Martin and Shamicka Gibb’s Relationship

Soon after his divorce from Patricia Southall, a former Miss Virginia USA, Martin began dating Shamicka. In 1995, these two ex-lovers tied the knot after a short courtship. In 1996, they had a daughter together, Jasmine Lawrence. Exactly one year after Jasmine’s birth, they broke up. Shamicka, Martin’s future wife, began dating in the same year. After being together for almost two years, the couple decided to start a family.

Shamicka Gibbs Children

Has a Family of Two With When Shamicka Martin, Lawrence Martin’s then-wife, gave birth to their first child on November 9th, 2000, it was a daughter named Iyanna Faith. Amara Trinity Trinity Trinity was born on August 20, 2002. There are strong relationships between their offspring and the AAPI community. Apart from that, their teenage daughter Amara will graduate from high school in 2021. She’s also a talented guitarist and a big fan of music in general.

Shamicka Gibbs Marriage Details

On July 10, 2010, Shamicka and Martin renewed their wedding vows after 12 years of partnership. Lawrence’s residence in Beverly Hills, California, was the site of their high-profile nuptials. In front of 120 guests, including Eddie Murphy and Barry Bonds, they exchanged vows. Martin’s ex-girlfriend from a prior relationship also served as one of the flower girls during the wedding.

In April of that year, the two ex-lovers announced their separation after a short marriage. The Big Momma’s House star’s agent confirmed to People that the two had made a mutual decision to end their relationship.

What Happened To Shamicka Gibbs?

Shamicka was first diagnosed with Lupus and Celiac disease in 2011. In contrast, Gibbs is known as a “Lupus fighter.” Shamicka has been focusing on a gluten-free diet and fitness, as well as a stress-free and cheerful lifestyle since her ex-husband was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

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Shamicka Gibbs Net Worth

It’s safe to say that Martin Lawrence’s second wife is worth at least $5 million. Because of her numerous business ventures and other undertakings, she has amassed a considerable net worth. In contrast, Martin Gibbs, Gibbs’ ex-husband, will be worth $110 million by 2021.