Fourth Stimulus Check of $850 is Coming in June (Latest Update)

US citizens in two states and families around the country may get extra COVID relief payments in June.

Though it isn’t clear yet if the federal government will send a fourth stimulus check, natives of Maine and New Mexico are entitled to get a stimulus check as state governors and lawmakers insisted on additional checks taking into consideration decades-high inflation. More than 8.5 lacs residents will get it.

The first batch will be given this month and they will be sent out on a rolling basis through the end of the year.

Payments will be mailed to the address provided by taxpayers on their 2021 Maine individual tax return. According to the Maine Governor’s Office, they will be passed on to any forwarding addresses registered with the US Postal Service.

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Eligibility Criteria to get the fourth Stimulus Check

Natives are required to submit their state individual tax returns by October 31 to be eligible for the checks under the fourth stimulus.

In order to qualify for the cash, individual taxpayers need to have earnings of up to $100,000.

In the meantime, $150,000 is the income threshold for heads of households, and for couples that file jointly, the threshold is $200,000.

$1,700 will be sent to joint filers in relief payments.

Those who are living on Social Security benefits and/or retirement income in the state will be entitled to the check as long as they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

The cash that will be sent to recipients can be used by them on whatever they wish.

“These payments are meant to help in navigating rising costs due to global inflation and supply chain impacts, and other global economic disruptions driven by the pandemic,” the Governor’s Office said.

In March, inflation increased to 8.5%, which put an additional burden on US citizens. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it is the highest inflation rate since December 1981.

Are Illinois residents also getting Fourth Stimulus Checks?

In the meantime, in Illinois, millions of taxpayers are in queue to receive checks of up to $400 this year. On April 19, Governor JB Pritzker signed the state’s $46.5 billion 2023 budget into law.

Illinois residents also getting Fourth Stimulus Checks
Illinois residents also getting Fourth Stimulus Checks

The State Journal-Register reports that residents may be entitled to a payment of up to $400 however, it will be based on their tax filing status and claimed the number of dependents.

Single taxpayers with income below $200,000 earlier this year are in queue for a rebate of $50 whereas couples that file joint tax returns and have income below $400,000 are supposed to get $100.

Qualified residents of Illinois will also be entitled to receive $100 for each dependent and this amount is limited to three dependents.

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This month, lawmakers in Delaware passed a bill for individuals will be eligible to get payments of up to $300 whereas married couples that file a joint return will get $600.

Apart from that, senior citizens and natives who did not have enough money to file a tax return are also qualified.

“Delaware families are dealing with higher costs at the grocery store and the gas pump,” Delaware Governor John Carney said. He further added, “These direct payments to Delaware families are part of a broader, responsible budget proposal that will invest in education, our economy, and Delaware communities, and increase our reserves to prepare our state for the future.”

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