Who Is Marcel Young? Know All About Her Parents, Career, & Love Life

Marcel Young is the son of rap superstar Dr. Dre and his singer wife, Michelle Toussant. Young is the sixth child of Dre and his mother’s first child.

Unlike Dre’s other children, Young has kept his personal and professional life extremely private. Since he has been nearly impossible for the media to locate for years, nothing is said about him.

Know why Marcel Young prefers to remain in the shadows and has not opened up to the world like his parents. Additionally, familiarize yourself with every limited fact known about Marcel Young.

Birth of Marcel Young; His Mother Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant For Six Weeks.

Marcel Young, the son of Dr. Dre and Michelle, was born on February 6, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. Dre’s parents were his grandparents, Theodore and Verna Young. Theodore was a member of an amateur R&B ensemble. Young is of Louisiana Creole ancestry from his mother’s side.

Michelle discovered her pregnancy with Marcel quite late. She would not learn about him until six weeks into her pregnancy. She was on tour with Hammer with two months remaining.

She had to return home to deliver the baby and complete additional performances. Eventually, Toussant became a stay-at-home mother.

She claims she does not recommend having a child if one wishes to enter this industry. The mother of Young indicates that the infant can easily take a year and a half off.

Marcel Young
Marcel Young

One of Marcel Young’s siblings died from a drug overdose.

Marcel Young is the first kid of R&B artist Michelle, whereas Dr. Dre has four children. The CEO of Beats Electronics has three further sons and three daughters and Marcel.

Michelle, Marcel’s mother, is also the mother of a girl from her marriage to Suge Knight.

Bailei Knight, Young’s half-sister from his mother’s relationship with Suge, was born on November 28, 2002. After three years of marriage, Michelle and Suge welcomed her. Dre. Dre’s ex-wife said that Marcel has a wonderful bond with his younger sister.

Marcel has six half-siblings through his father’s relationships with many women. Andre Young Jr., Curtis Young, and Truice Young are his half-brothers. In 2009, the latter died due to a drug overdose. Marcel has three further half-sisters: Truly Young, La Tanya Danielle Young, and Tyra Young.

Young has a close relationship with all of his half-siblings, but they rarely appear in public together.

Mother of Marcel Young, Michelle Toussant’s Struggles

His mother, Toussaint, grew up in a paycheck-to-paycheck environment, which forced her to flee South Central Los Angeles. She used to go 30 miles to attend school in the relatively affluent community of Woodland Hills.

The integration of the Los Angeles Unified School District had profound, long-lasting effects on his mother.

50-year-old Toussant is likely best known for her double-platinum self-titled album from 1989. Young’s mother recorded “Turn Off the Lights” for World Class Wreckin’ Cru, Dr. Dre’s R&B group with DJ Yella, when she was 16 in 1986.

Toussaint utilized three buses to get to work previously. She was intelligent but ignorant of the inner workings of the music industry, and she never received a dime from the song’s royalties.

Their ex-wife of Dre disclosed that she wore the same pair of jeans three times per week. Her mother was unable to provide for her many children adequately.

Six Years Ago, His Parents Were in a Relationship.

Dre and Toussant met in the late 1980s at Ruthless Records. After “Turn Off the Lights” was released in 1987, Toussaint and Dre began dating. Before being approached by Eazy-E about signing with Ruthless Records, the former never considered herself to be much more than Dre’s girlfriend. Her debut album, which featured the track “No More Lies,” was produced by Dre.

Toussant’s existence with Dr. Dre, the godfather of the American hip-hop business, seemed something out of a dream. Young’s father once surprised her with a property he had purchased in Calabasas, California, for them both.

In addition to the physical violence, Dre was a chronic cheater. Six years were spent in a love connection between them.

The 2016 American biographical TV drama film Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michelle highlighted the connection between Dr. Dre and Michelle, Young’s parents.

His father was quite abusive to his mother.

In 1991, Young’s father attacked her in a Los Angeles nightclub. The writer on Gawker said that Toussaint believed Dre intended to murder her at the time. The rapper entered a plea of no contest, and Young’s parents resolved a civil claim outside of court.

Toussaint stated in an interview with Vlad TV that she was delighted she was not in the film. Young’s mother stated that she was initially a quiet girlfriend who was beaten and instructed to sit down and be quiet.

Unfortunately for Toussaint, it was only after she left South Central that she learned domestic violence was abnormal and had done nothing to deserve it. She never called the cops on Dre, either. The mother of Marcel stated that her silence was due to ignorance and the belief that it was a sign of love.

Toussaint stated in an interview with New York radio station Power 105 that Dre repeatedly hit her with a clenched fist and gave her black eyes on at least five occasions. She stated that he fractured her nose and rib.

In addition, Toussaint disclosed that Dre, like many other intimate partner abusers, isolated her from her friends, especially if they were male.

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Even Dre murdered Marcel’s mother.

During an interview with VLAD TV, Michelle also discussed when Dr. Dre fired a shot at her.

She recalled that they had just gotten into an argument following a party and that she had just made it through the bathroom door before he returned with the gun. Toussant stated that Marcel’s father fired at her, missing her by a few inches.

Michelle then left the bullet in the hole. She described how it was in the door and then went through the bathroom wall, leaving it there so he could observe it.

Toussant stated after the incident that he never again attempted to shoot her. However, the beatings would continue.

The mother of Marcel Young and Michele’s second husband was both abusive.

While Marcel’s mother was fortunate to escape Dre’s physical violence, she was destined to experience it again, but not at the hands of the Grammy-winning rapper.

Toussant stated that Suge, the founder of Death Row Records, only struck her once. He pledged not to strike her again since “she was too tiny.”

The pair was together for eight years, with Suge serving six years in prison. The record producer is currently incarcerated on a 2015 attempted murder charge.

What is Marcel Young Currently Doing?

As is evident, Marcel is elusive, and he does not seek the limelight. Young has had little media presence other than appearing in Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michelle.

To add to the mystery, he’s also not all that influential on social media.

Marcel’s Father’s Sizeable Net Worth

Given his father’s substantial income, it would not be incorrect to state that Young was born wealthy. Sources predict that Dr. Dre’s net worth will exceed $800 million as of 2021, placing him among the top five wealthiest rappers in the world.

The sale of a portion of his stake in Aftermath Entertainment to Interscope Records and Family Affair (2001) production by Mary J. Blige netted Dre around US$52 million.

In 2001, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him as the year’s second-highest-paid musician.

Dr. Dre placed 44th in 2004 with earnings of $11.4 million, most of which came from production royalties from albums by G-Unit and D12 and the single Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani and rapper Eve.

Forbes estimated his net worth to be 270 million dollars in 2012. Later, the journal said that Young’s father earned $110 million in 2012 from his many activities, making him the highest-paid musician.

His 2014 sale of Beats to Apple was the single-year earnings record for a musician. This made Dr. Dre the wealthiest musical performer in the world in 2015.

The Mechanic acquired a $40 million property in Los Angeles’ Brentwood district in 2014. Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen were its previous owners, a power couple.

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