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Stan Cadwallader Net Worth, Wife, Career, and Latest Updates

Stan Cadwallader is an American celebrity who rose to prominence after he tied the knot with the well-known comedian and actor, Jim Nabors.

Though Stan’s partner, Nabors was popular majorly for his amazing performances on comedy shows and he also appeared in many popular TV shows including Andy Griffith’s TV series amongst many others, on the other hand, Stan was serving as a noble firefighter.

While Stan’s career wasn’t the one that brought him attention, however, he did play a major role as a fireman in saving several lives, and in fact, he is still famous for his work.

In this article, he will cover Stan Cadwallader’s Net Worth, personal life, and others.

What Is the Net Worth of Stan Cadwallader?

According to several estimates, the net worth of Stan Cadwallader is said to be $15 million. He has earned a significant amount of money from his work as a firefighter but most of his wealth is acquired by him following Jim Nabors’ death in 2017. Jim Nabors, whose estimated net worth at the time of his demise was $25 million.

Early Life and Career

Stan Cadwallader was born in 1948 in Honolulu, Hawaii, to American parents and finished his basic education and high schooling in Hawaii. He has always been quiet about his personal life or career and never talked much about it. His propensity to aid people led him to take up a career as Firefighter where he served for so many years prior to his retirement.

He kicked off his career at the Honolulu Fire Department where he served for years prior to his meeting with his love Jim Nabors after which his life was completely changed. It didn’t take him so long to come into the spotlight after he met Jim Nabors as He was already a well-known personality by then. 

However, in spite of his relationship with a renowned actor, Stan chose to live a low-profile life. He spent years with Jim Nabors which was enough to catch media attention.

How Did Stan and Jim Meet Each Other?

We already mentioned earlier in this article that Stan is gay. In 1975, Jim met with Stan when the latter was still serving as a firefighter.

The couple first started as business associates and after that, they began dating each other. Though they were bound to remain their relationship away from the public eye as at the time, same-s*x marriage used to be insulted widely in the US and throughout the world.

The pair got married after spending 38 years together, in 2013 after same-s*x marriage was made legal in the US. The duo was so in love with each other that in spite of the fact that Jim was a well-known name in the industry, they didn’t hesitate to make it official.

Stan Cadwallader

Just a month after the gay marriage was made legal, the duo headed off to Washington and had their wedding ceremony at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle, Hawaii, in January 2013. During that period, we saw a rising number of same-s*x marriages that were just waiting for it to be legalized.

The couple spent a beautiful married life prior to the death of Jim Nabors in 2017. Before their wedding, Nabors had undergone a liver transplant following he was treatment with Hepatitis B in 2012. Luckily, Narbors’ open heart surgery went well but his health was continuously deteriorating in such a way that nobody could help.

Jim Nabors’s Relationship With Rock Hudson

Before meeting Stan, there were rumors during the early 1970s about Jim dating and in fact, tying the knot with Rock Hudson but later it turned out that the duo was just friends.

We will keep you updated with all the latest information until then stay tuned to our website.

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