Denise Lombardo Net Worth [2022 Update], What happened to Jordan Belfort’s first wife?

Denise Lombardo is one who rose to prominence after marrying Jordan Belfort. Her husband is an American author, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker. Although the marriage did not last long, it brought her considerable fame.

So let’s learn more about Lombardo and her life following the divorce. Could you remain with us until the very end?

Denise Lombardo is a well-known real estate agent, sales executive, celebrity partner, media face, and internet personality from Ohio, United States.

She is well-known throughout the nation as Jordan Belfort’s first wife. Jordan is a well-known entrepreneur, stockbroker, author, and social media celebrity.

Denise and Belfort were high school sweethearts whose marriage lasted approximately six years.

After that, the couple separated due to Jordan’s illegal activities. She has worked for Prudential Douglas Elliman Company for eleven years and is a well-respected real estate agent.

Lombardo is a very hardworking woman who is currently working to support herself. She has also served as a sales executive for several years. Scroll down for Denise Lombardo’s age, career, family, husband, biography, Wiki, and net worth.

Denise Lombardo Childhood and Education

Denise Lombardo, the ex-wife, was born on November 11, 1963, in Ohio, United States of America. She is of American nationality and Caucasian ancestry.

Her parents’ location is unclear, although she has three more siblings. There are two sisters named Deanna and Lisa Scordato and a brother named Paul Lombardo. Together they attended school in New York, where they also grew up.

In 1980, the young Lombardo also attended Adelphi University. In 1984, she earned a degree in English Literature. But Lombardo desired more, so in 1987 she enrolled at Townson University.

She studied Business Administration there. She also possesses a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration.

Denise Lombardo
Denise Lombardo

Denise Lombardo Age and Height

Lombardo, who was born in 1963, is 57 years old. Annually, she celebrates her birthday on November 11. Her astrological sign is Scorpio. Individuals born under this sign are perceived to be mysterious, secretive, and difficult to please.

Likewise, there are no precise measures of her physical features, such as height, weight, etc. In contrast, her dark brown hair and brown eyes complement her pale complexion.

Denise Lombardo: Career

The 1992 graduate with a master’s degree began her profession in the business sector immediately after graduation. She then spent seven years in the sales department of Modern Medical Systems Company.

Similarly, Lombardo was employed by Smith & Nephew Company in 2006 as a flooring specialist. She was employed there for two years. Denise took a significant step in 2010 and began a profession in real estate.

She subsequently obtained her license and established her reputation in the real estate market. Additionally, Lombardo worked at Prudential Douglas Elliman Company.

Denise Lombardo: Rise to Fame

Denise Lombardo is not a star and did not work in the entertainment industry; hence, she was relatively obscure. However, her relationship with Jordan Belfort ignited the Internet, and many individuals flocked to learn more about her.

Similarly, Belfort is a novelist, former stockbroker, screenwriter, and motivational speaker from the United States. According to appearances, the pair has been together since the 1980s. Soon after that, in 1985, they legally wed and became husband and wife.

However, the marriage was short-lived due to the couple’s disagreements in philosophy and viewpoint. However, the primary cause of the separation was Belfort’s extramarital affair with Nadine Caridi. Nevertheless, the pair divorced formally in 1991.

Denise Lombardo Personal Life: After Divorce and Husband

Certainly, the once-loved couple has separated, but it has not prevented them from finding new love. Denise, born in the United States, married her partner Mlady in 1994, following her divorce.

The couple has been happily married for more than 23 years and is still going strong. They enjoy one other’s company in their private property located near New York City.

Nonetheless, the public was so fascinated with their lives that a film was created about them. The 2013 hit film ‘Wolf of Wall Street was inspired by the life of Jordan Belfort and his two marriages.

Cristin Milioti portrays Denise in the film, while Leonardo DiCaprio represents Belfort and Margot Robbie portrays Nadine Caridi.

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Denise Lombardo Net Worth and Income

The former stockbroker and current real estate agent are extremely wealthy due to her profession. She is estimated to be worth $3 million in 2019. And if her work is any indication, it may expand in the future.

In addition, due to her commitment and perseverance in her work, she lives a luxury lifestyle. In addition, she received a sizeable divorce settlement from Jordan.

Denise Lombardo Social Media Presence

The current real estate agent is inactive on all social media platforms, including Twitter. Away from the chaos of the Internet, she lives a life of complete happiness.

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