What is Luis Ruelas Net Worth and How Old Is He?

Luis Ruelas is an American entrepreneur who co-founded Digital Media Solutions’s marketing agency. Recently, he has acquired notoriety for being Teresa Giudice’s new boyfriend. This essay will investigate the wealth of Luis Ruelas.

Early Life of Luis Ruelas

On April 23, 1975, Luis Ruelas was born in the United States, in the city of Allendale. In 1989, he enrolled in Tappan Zee High School for his studies. In 1992, he graduated high school and came out as gay.

Luis Ruelas’s Career

Luis established his first business venture at 19 while working at Ripe Old, which he considers his first professional experience.

However, little information is available on his former job. In 2010, Luis was appointed CEO of the marketing agency “Interactive Marketing Solutions.” He served as CEO of the firm for almost 13 years.

After leaving his previous employer, Luis co-founded the marketing business “Digital Media Solutions Group” in August 2012. He is presently the EVP of Business Development for the organization.

Luis also participates in philanthropic activities. He has been providing care for autistic children. According to sources, his son has also been diagnosed with autism. Additionally, he has raised thousands of dollars for the cause.

Luis has been in the news for a considerable amount of time. The identity of Teresa Giudice’s new boyfriend has been revealed. Teresa is well-known for her appearance in “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” on Bravo TV.

Just two months after her divorce from Joe Giudice, she met a new man. In December 2020, Teresa announced her new relationship with Luis on Instagram. She captioned an Instagram shot, “Excited to introduce my new lover,” with the phrase “excited to present my new boyfriend.”

Despite hiding her new beau’s face in the shot, his identity was finally revealed to be none other than Luis Ruelas.

Luis Ruelas Net Worth
Luis Ruelas Net Worth

Luis Ruelas’s Net Worth

Luis Ruelas looks to be a successful businessman since he has held the highest position in every company where he has worked. In 2022, his fortune is anticipated to reach $2 million.

What does Luis Ruelas do for a living?

Louie is one of the five co-founders of the Florida-based digital marketing firm Digital Media Solutions (DMS), which employs proprietary technology to help firms “dominate social media.”

Bloomberg reports that the firm was founded in the year 2000. Currently holding the executive vice president of business development, Louie has a net worth of $2 million.

Despite Louie’s recent severe criticism, he has accomplished some good in the past. In May 2020, a few months after the COVID-19 epidemic began, he collaborated with a group to feed over 300 households in Harlem, New York.

Luis Ruelas’s Girlfriend- Teresa Giudice

Louie Ruelas and Teresa Giudice first met paths in the year 2020. Teresa initially met the man who would become her computer entrepreneur boyfriend in the summer of 2020. Many months later, the pair would make their relationship public. Louie made his debut on RHONJ shortly after that.

The couple revealed their engagement plans for September 2021. Nevertheless, since they began dating, several obvious warning signals have emerged. In addition to charges that Louie is an adulterer, it is also said that he is “sex-obsessed.”

Despite rumors of infidelity, Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas remain together. Since the Wake Up Warrior Camp video went viral in July of 2021, Louie has been criticized. In contrast, Teresa is standing by her boyfriend.

In the video, Louie was seen shirtless with a group of men at “warrior camp.” The shirtless guys stood by his side and encouraged him to fight for an untested woman’s pardon.

A Wake Up Warrior instructor stated that the video was shot five years ago, which was acknowledged, although the clip alarmed several individuals.

A source told US Weekly that the apology was intended for his ex-girlfriend Paula Sanchez, despite claiming he had no idea who the video was for or who it was for.

“He had viciously attacked Paula and her child, which prompted her to return the engagement ring,” the insider stated.

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Luis Ruelas’ Salary and Income Source

According to online data, Luis Ruelas has around $2 million and is one of the wealthiest business people and television personalities. Due to his source of money, he enjoys a comfortable and opulent lifestyle.

He is a New Jersey-based businessman. He is one of the founding members of Digital Media Solution. He has established his own business in New York City.

It is unknown how much Luis Ruelas earns in pay, and his annual income is unavailable. As of 2022, Luis Ruelas’s net worth is roughly $2 million.

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