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Who Are The New Characters In Saints and Sinners? (Updated)



“Saints & Sinners” is an American television series that first premiered on March 6, 2016, to April 24, 2016, with eight episodes. With so much popularity, it ran for six seasons, with the sixth and final season premiering on April 3, 2022, and ending on May 22, 2022, with a total of 8 episodes.

Set against a vast southern church backdrop, “Saints & Sinners” revolves around the power search, combined with deception, greed, compromising sexual affairs, corruption, and assassination.

Mayor Ella Johnson (portrayed by Vanessa Bell Calloway) keeps her eyes beyond Cypress and stands herself for a state Senate seat. Though when her mother’s intense, buried secrets come to light, her whole world gets terrified since she suffers to keep her rivals off and her kids secure. It’s game on for the power players of Cypress.

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Who Are The New Cast Members In The New Season of “Saints & Sinners”?

In the new season, we will have some new faces that include:

saints and sinners cast

Apart from them, we will also see Shaun Michael Lynch, Tara Jones, Jeremy Unmask Smith, James Andrew Kientzy, Krystal Torres, Jared Simon, Ivory Shields, Christopher W. Brantley, Kia Shine, Brittney Anderson Coach Peake, and Jerrell Clemmons.

All the previous episodes of the series, including ratings-record breaker Judgment Day, are available to watch anytime on Bounce’s streaming service Brown Sugar.

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