Malika Kinison Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband And Everything We Know

Malika Kinison is a notable American actress and comedian who rose to prominence following her performance in In The Arrogant and The Dangerous. In addition, she has worked as a model, following which she entered the entertainment sector.

Her marital partner was the renowned comedian and actor Sam Kinison. She is currently living a happily married life with her current spouse, Paul Borghese.

The provided article contains all pertinent information about her. In the following paragraphs, you will discover more information about Malika Kinison. She is an actress and comedian with years of experience in the American entertainment industry.

Where was Malika Kinison born?

Unknown is Malika Kinison’s official date of birth. According to several online resources, her age as of August 2021 is 56. The woman awoke in Rabat, Morocco. She goes under the name Malika Souiri. Unfortunately, accurate information regarding her parentage is lacking.

However, she has a sister in Morocco named Sabrina Souiri. To pursue her aspirations, she emigrated from Morocco to the United States.

How did Malika Kinison begin her acting career?

Malika Kinison began her professional career in Houston, Texas. She began her career as a model before acting in local shows and becoming a vital part of the improv workshop group Texas Outline Comics. Later in the 1980s, she moved to Los Angeles and began pursuing her acting ambitions.

She has appeared in several films. She has appeared in several films from the 1990s, including The Arrogant, The Dangerous, and The Perfect Lies. Her second husband. Paul Borghese is a distinguished actor and filmmaker in his own right.

Malika Kinison
Malika Kinison

How did Malika deal with the physical assault?

The news of Malika Kinison’s attack became public when she filed a complaint against Sam Kinison’s bodyguard. She claims that Unway Carter’s bodyguard raped her five times in a secluded room.

However, she was able to flee the horrifying location via an adjacent restroom. However, Carter quickly escaped, arguing that the deeds between them were voluntary solely.

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Who is Malika Kinison’s husband?

According to her marriage history, Malika Kinison married American actor and comedian Sam Kinison in early 1992. Sam was killed in a head-on collision during an automobile accident on April 10, 1992, and their marriage lasted only a short time after that.

Sam was 38 years old at the time of his eventual demise. Kinison was severely injured during the deadly tragedy. However, he was later saved by the diligent physicians of Needles Desert Community Hospital.

After this, Malika Kinison found new love and later married actor and director Paul Borghese, as previously mentioned. On September 10, 1995, the couple exchanged vows and were wed on September 10, 1995. Inexplicably, she did not have biological children with her husband.

Malika Kinison net worth

Mallika Kinison has made a respectable amount of money from her acting and comedy career. At the time of writing, she has accumulated a net worth of approximately $ 550 K.

The vast majority of her fortune stems from her outstanding performances in television shows and films. Her annual salary is currently under review.

Despite this, it is believed that Malika enjoys a great and luxurious lifestyle with her family and friends, thanks to her accumulated wealth. However, her assets and residence information has not yet been disclosed.

Malika Kinison may have amassed a great net worth over her career, but she has not disclosed specifics about her wealth.

As she has only starred in a few films, such as Searching for Bobby D (2005) and The Arrogant and the Dangerous, we may be certain that she has earned a substantial fortune.

According to one source, her ex-husband Sam Kinison’s estimated net worth is $800 thousand. His principal revenue source was an American stand-up comedian and an actor. In addition, he has published the albums Louder Than Hell and Have You Seen Me Lately?

What are Kinison’s physical measurements?

Malika Kinison is of average height and maintains a healthy body mass index. She has a slender physique. Her physical characteristics remain a mystery. Regarding her appearance, Malika has brown eyes and long black hair.

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