High school DxD Season 5 Expected Release Date Status, Cast, Plot And Latest Updates

High School DxD is a Japanese anime television series that is based on the light novel series of the same name written by Ichiei Ishibumi. TNK picked the series for an anime adaptation; Tetsuya Yanagisawa served as the director whereas Takao Yoshioka served as the writer of the anime. The first season of the series premiered on January 6, 2012, on AT-X and ended on March 23, 2012.

Season one adapted the first two volumes of the light novel and a few side stories from the eighth volume. The series ran for four seasons with the fourth season premiering from April 10 2018 to July 3, 2018; it adapted the ninth and tenth volumes of the light novel. 

The series received mostly positive reviews from critics as well as audiences and has an IMDB rating of 7.6 out of 10. Fans have been waiting to know about the fifth season and here’s what we know so far about it.

highschool dxd season 5 release date And More.

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High School DxD Season 5 Release Date

It’s been over four years since the premiere of season 4 of the anime and nothing has been officially confirmed about the renewal of the anime for the fifth season. But there are rumors that the new season is on the cards and if this turns out to be true then we may expect it to come out by the end of this year. 

High School DxD Season 5 Cast

As of yet, there is no official announcement made regarding the potential cast of the fifth season of High School Dxd though we may expect main characters from the previous season to return. The titular character Issei Hyoudou, the devil, Rias Gremory, will definitely return if the new season is underway. Further, we can also expect to see Asia Argento, Akeno Himejima, and Koneko Toujou.

highschool dxd season 5 cast
highschool dxd season 5 cast

TNK produced the initial three seasons of the anime but the fourth season was taken over by Passione in-house for production whereas supervised by Yoshifumi Sueda. Fans were shocked when the studios and style altered, and the reason behind this change was some creative difference between Director Tetsuya Yanagisawa, scriptwriter Takao Yoshioka, and original series writer Ichiei Ishibumi.

High School DxD Season 5 Expected Storyline

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the fourth season covered the ninth and tenth volumes of the light novel and it consists of a total of 25 volumes there are also 4 more story collections which clearly signifies that the new season will be adapted from the eleventh volume certainly.

Before getting a sneak peek into the expected plot of the fifth season, let us take a dig into the events that happened in previous seasons.

Highschool Dxd Season 5 Release Date
Highschool Dxd Season 5 Release Date

The story revolves around the adventures of Issei Hyodo who is a wicked high school student murdered by his first date, who is confirmed to be a fallen angel. Rias Gremory, who is a crimson-haired school beauty that is a devil, in reality, revived him and he then became her servant.

The last season built up its action since Issei fought against Sarong. This also depicted Issei utilizing The Cardinal Crimson Promotion, which is a cool and immense power-up for his Scale Mail. However, the fourth season also provided a little much-awaited romance for fans, when Issei and Rias shared their first kiss finally. Briefly, the last season contained a lot, but still also looked like it successfully concluded itself up.

The eleventh and twelfth volumes of the light novel series will be adapted in the fifth season. For Issei, that means tests. He will have to compete with the Middle-Class Promotion Test and this links with the ranking utilized to indicate a Devil’s power and would put Issei right above low-class if he passes. Though, with tests, he will also have to be concerned about Koneko, who has just figured out how close Issei’s been with Rias and does not seem happy about it at all.

We hope the makers soon make the announcement about the renewal of the series.

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